Chambersburg man out on bail for DUI charged with another DUI, running from cops

13 May 2024- It luckily appears nobody was hurt after a man allegedly runs a red light while seemingly intoxicated and subsequently runs from the police, all the while being out on bail relating to ANOTHER alleged DUI. Aaron Michael Boynton is charged with felony fleeing an officer, misdemeanor escape, misdemeanor evading arrest on foot, misdemeanor DUI, and a traffic violation of failure to stop at a red light. Boynton was already facing charges of DUI and resisting arrest after being stopped by Chambersburg PD on March 8th going the wrong way on both Lincoln Way East and Main Street. Boynton allegedly told police “You don’t even have to do any tests, I am drunk as s**t” during the March incident.

Chambersburg PD officers were on regular patrol around 12:19am on May 11th, operating initially in a stationary position on S Main Street facing US-11’s intersection with W Queen Street. While the officer was sitting there, a silver Nissan Murano allegedly drove through the steady red light on S Main Street, causing a traffic stop.

When the officer approached the vehicle, he identified the driver as Aaron Boynton, with him allegedly having slurred speech and smelling of alcohol. After paperwork was asked for, CPD say he gave a registration card and insurance card for the wrong vehicle, with Boynton also allegedly only providing his license after a second ask of it.

After a second unit came on scene, Boynton was requested to exit the vehicle twice, but didn’t open the door. After CPD opened the door for him in an attempt to get him out of the vehicle, Boynton reportedly put the vehicle in drive and took off.

Boynton’s vehicle was found by CPD shortly after abandoned near W Liberty Street and Black Avenue, with Boynton found walking on the sidewalk just about two blocks away from where he was initially stopped. Boynton allegedly tried to slip between two houses, but the initial officer pulled a taser and yelled for Boynton to stop. This is when Boynton reportedly replied, “how far does that thing reach?”. He was approached from behind by another officer and taken into custody shortly after.

Boynton was taken to Chambersburg Hospital around 1am for a legal blood draw. As the phlebotomist was performing a blood draw, Boynton allegedly remarked to her “I’m drunk as s**t”, seemingly in the same vein as his prior arrest for DUI.

Aaron Boynton is now facing another charge of DUI in Franklin County as he awaits a court date of May 21st.

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