Chambersburg man flees from cops after allegedly stalking, threatening a woman with over 100 phone calls

04 October 2023- A Warm Spring Road man is looking at charges related to both a series of harassing phone calls and texts as well as fleeing from officers following a traffic stop to investigate the previous incidents. Shawn Michael Starliper is charged in one case with felony stalking, misdemeanor terroristic threats, and summary harassment. Starliper is also facing charges of felony fleeing an officer, felony criminal mischief damaging property, misdemeanor resisting arrest, misdemeanor reckless endangerment, misdemeanor evading arrest on foot, misdemeanor flight to avoid apprehension, misdemeanor disorderly conduct, and numerous traffic violations. The two cases resulted in bails of $50,000 each, for a total of $100,000. Starliper has not posted bail.

Pennsylvania State Police were alerted around 1:30pm on October 3rd to an alleged case of severe stalking and harassment against a female victim perpetrated by Shawn Starliper. The victim allegedly received over 10 threatening text messages, including pictures of her home and of her walking outside it. Starliper also allegedly called the victim over 106 times from multiple phone numbers, with him reportedly following her around. Police received screenshots of the call logs and texts.

Around 2pm, police learned that Starliper had followed the victim to James Buchanan High School. Police were on the phone with the victim when Starliper allegedly got out of his vehicle, with them hearing her yelling at Starliper to stay back. Starliper allegedly left the school, striking another vehicle on the way out. Police say that the calls to the victim continued just after he left the school.

Just after 2pm, PSP Troopers that were on patrol in the area were notified of the incident, with them canvassing the area and finding Starliper in the area of Rutters on North Main Street, Mercersburg. Turning on their emergency lights, police tried to execute a high-risk stop but Starliper allegedly continued westbound down Buchanan Trail West. After recklessly crossing double yellows and passing vehicles, Starliper allegedly turned around and headed into Mercersburg Borough. Trying to lose police in the borough, Starliper allegedly drove down multiple alleyways before pulling into a driveway.

After pulling into the seemingly random driveway, Starliper allegedly fled on foot and ignored PSP commands. He was subsequently tased and brought into custody.

Troopers say that during the pursuit, Starliper’s reckless actions caused damage to multiple victims’ property.

Shawn Starliper is behind bars on $100,000 combined bail. His preliminary hearing is set for October 10th.

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