Chambersburg man doesn’t register with PSP as sex offender, says he lives out of state

18 August 2023- A man who police and neighbors say lives in Chambersburg is in legal trouble after he’s found to not have any address when registering as a sex offender. Bernard Grant McClure is charged with two counts of felony failure to provide accurate registration info. McClure failed to post bail of $25,000.

On February 17th, Pennsylvania State Police and Bernard McClure conducted his initial registry with the PSP Megan’s Law system at the PSP-Chambersburg barracks. During his registration, McClure allegedly said he lived at a home in Lima, Ohio and was employed with a trucking company out of Michigan. McClure allegedly denied any ties to PA and as such was listed as an “inactive” offender.

Police had previously investigated McClure, where he was reportedly living at a location on Lincoln Way East in Guilford Township. McClure was found by the police to be the owner of Thumper Express, with the address on the business being on LWE as well. McClure allegedly drove a truck for Thumper Express, which was contracted with the Michigan truck company.

After McClure’s registration with Megan’s Law, in which he denied ties to PA, police spoke to neighbors around McClure’s alleged home who said that he was “there all the time” and has “lived there for years”. On July 22nd, Pennsylvania State Police Troopers drove past McClure’s alleged home, seeing him in the front of the home having a garage sale.

On August 7th, PSP contacted the Allen County, Ohio Sheriff’s Office and requested info about McClure’s sex offender status. McClure allegedly registered in June with them as being homeless, with a secondary address being listed in Chambersburg, PA. McClure does not show up in Pennsylvania Megan’s Law systems but is shown in Ohio systems, meaning people who live around his alleged address in the 2100 block of Lincoln Way East do not legally know he is a sex offender.

Bernard Grant McClure is listed in Ohio databases as a 62 year old male with sandy hair and hazel eyes. McClure is 5’10” and around 195lbs. He was convicted in September, 2006 in Ohio for attempted unlawful sexual contact with a minor.

Bernard McClure is behind bars in Franklin County Jail on $25,000.

Sources: Ohio Offender Registration #43197, Docket Number: MJ-39304-CR-0000217-2023, Incident No.: PA 2023-969542