Chambersburg man denied bail after threatening to kill himself and pregnant girlfriend

27 February 2023- A Chambersburg man is behind bars on light charges but denied bail after allegedly threatening to kill himself as well as the mother of his children, including an unborn one. Trevaughn Xavier Amon Hollenquest is behind bars on denied bail after being charged with misdemeanor simple assault and misdemeanor terroristic threats. Magisterial District Court Judge lists his reasoning for denying bail, saying that “no bail conditions available to ensure the safety of the victim”.

Chambersburg Police were called to a home on Lantern Lane on February 25th to a report that a woman arrived at a residence that wasn’t hers after being involved in a domestic dispute. The owners of the home allegedly told police that the victim came to them for help because the light was on after fleeing her home barefoot with her small child.

Interviews with the victim allegedly saw Hollenquest in a fit of rage after their small child had been crying in the home. Hollenquest allegedly wanted to spank the child, with its mother refusing. This then started a fight with Hollenquest breaking multiple items in the house including a candle, scissors, and other items. Hollenquest would then hold the broken and sharp items to himself and the victim, who was pregnant at the time, saying he would kill them, himself, and their unborn child. Hollenquest also allegedly filled up the bathtub with water and told the victim he would throw a hairdryer in it to kill himself.

Hollenquest was found to still be at the home when police arrived and he was taken into custody. CPD allegedly found the broken scissors, the broken candle, and the bathtub filled with water the victim had specifically mentioned.

Hollenquest is behind bars on bail denied. His preliminary hearing is set for March 7th.

Sources: Docket Number: MJ-39201-CR-0000068-2023, Complaint/Incident Number: 2023-02220