Chambersburg man denied bail after allegedly assaulting officers, girlfriend

18 December 2023- Following an incident on Lincoln Way East involving alleged serious bodily harm to his girlfriend, a Chambersburg man is facing numerous charges related both domestic assault and assault of an officer. Brenden Joseph Downey is charged in one case with felony aggravated assault with extreme indifference, felony strangulation, misdemeanor assault, and citation public drunkenness. In a related but separate case, Downey is facing charges of felony assault by prisoner on another person, citation disorderly conduct, and citation public drunkenness. Due to the safety of the victim being a concern, Downey was denied bail by MDJ Manns as well as being given a $100,000 bail in his second case.

PSP Troopers were called to the M&T Bank parking lot on Lincoln Way East in Guilford Township around 10:48pm when they reportedly found a woman sitting on a curb by the bank. The woman, identified later as Brenden Downey’s significant other, was reportedly in serious distress, having no shoes on, dirty dress, and multiple bloody scrapes and cuts on her knees. The victim reportedly had a verbal altercation following a Christmas party, allegedly resulting in Downey dragging her in a field by her hair and choking her until she lost consciousness. Downey, according to police interviews, ran after her as she tried to get away and had slammed her head into the vehicle they were both in.

Troopers soon after found Downey in that same parking lot, with the latter allegedly becoming defensive and uncooperative. Due to his noncompliance as well as a reported heavy alcohol smell coming from him, Troopers tried to arrest Downey. While in handcuffs, police say Downey became more agitated and began screaming at them, swearing and making lewd comments towards Troopers.

While walking to the patrol vehicle, Troopers allege that Downey spun around and spit directly into a Trooper’s face, entering “into all three mucous membranes of the eye socket, the nasal passages, and the mouth” of the Trooper. Soon after, Troopers had to put a spit sock over Downey’s face as he remained increasingly agitated and uncooperative.

Brenden Downey was denied bail and is behind bars in Franklin County.

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