Chambersburg man charged with breaking into Lortz Ave garage and breaking furniture

27 June 2023- A Chambersburg man is looking at a felony charge after allegedly forcing entry into a garage and damaging the property. Christopher Jason White is charged with felony criminal trespass and summary criminal mischief. White failed to post bail of $5,000.

Around 1am on June 26th, Chambersburg PD were dispatched to a home on Lortz Avenue when a victim called police and told them that they were behind a locked door in their garage when Christopher White knocked on their door. When they didn’t answer, White allegedly threw his body against the door and entered the garage, causing the door frame to break. Once inside, White allegedly yelled at the men inside and picked up and threw pieces of furniture. When police were called, White allegedly fled the scene. According to police, the door was unable to be closed properly and locked because of the damage to it.

White is behind bars after failing to post bail. His preliminary hearing is set for July 6th.

Sources: Docket Number: MJ-39304-CR-0000169-2023, Complain/Incident Number: C2023-07253