Chambersburg family charged in aggravated assault of man with wooden rods and a crow bar

08 December 2022- A Chambersburg family, including two juveniles, are charged with a series of felonies after they allegedly beat up another man who placed hands on one of the defendants. Shantel L Love and Deja Raynelle Bolden are both charged with felony aggravated assault with extreme indifference, felony aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, and misdemeanor corruption of minors. The two minors filed as adults are Curtis Bryant and Alonzo Kishaun Torres, who are both charged felony aggravated assault with a deadly weapon and felony aggravated assault with extreme indifference. Love posted bail of $25,000 but Bryant and Torres failed to post bail of $15,000. Bolden failed to post bail of $25,000.

On December 5th around 2:50 in the afternoon, Chambersburg Police were dispatched to King Street in the borough for reports of a disturbance. The caller said that multiple people were involved and that a man was reported to have left a home with multiple bruises, cuts, and a ripped shirt.

When police arrived on scene, they allegedly found two juvenile males standing on the sidewalk who told the police that they both came to the home after receiving a phone call from their father and co-defendant Deja Bolden. In the phone call, Bolden allegedly told them that the victim had put his hands on Deja and that since Bolden was pregnant at the time they were concerned. Bolden had allegedly left the area soon after with her mother, Shantel Love, neither of which allegedly contacted the police for assistance to report being assaulted.

Police found the home to be in a state of disarray, with a broken staircase railing near the bottom of it and multiple wooden rods laying on the ground near it. Contact was made with the victim, who had allegedly fled the home after being assaulted but was still in serious pain. The victim allegedly told police that he was being assaulted by Bolden after finding pictures of another female on his phone. He, the victim, then allegedly pushed Bolden away to stop her from hitting him. Bolden then allegedly texted her father and contacted the two juveniles to get them to come to the apartment.

Security camera footage in the area of E King Street was obtained by police, who allegedly found a vicious assault. Bolden is allegedly found walking towards Harrison Avenue before reentering the apartment shortly before Bryant and Torres arrive. The two juveniles allegedly go and grab a wooden rod and crow bar before hitting the victim repeatedly with them. Love, who again is Bolden’s mother, allegedly is told by one of the juveniles to “get the knife”, with her responding “I got it”. After the assault, the victim is allegedly heard on the phone saying “I hit him like four times with the crowbar”.

Love and Bolden are both charged with their misdemeanor of corruption of minors due to them actively encouraging the two juveniles to help in the assault. Love posted bail of $25,000 and is free. Bolden, Torres, and Bryant are all still in jail after failing to post bail. All of the above defendants’ preliminary hearings are set for December 20th.

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