Chambersburg domestic ends with hospital visit

10 February 2023- Chambersburg PD charge a man with felony strangulation and two other charges after he allegedly chokes a partner and holds her against her will. Cyncere Niamari Brown is charged with felony strangulation, misdemeanor assault, and misdemeanor false imprisonment. Brown is behind bars on $100,000 bail.

Around 11am on February 9th, police were called to the Chambersburg Hospital Emergency Room for reports of a previous assault. Talking with the victim, it was determined that the assailant was her boyfriend, Cyncere Brown. Around 10am that day, Brown had allegedly woken up and found something in the victim’s phone he didn’t like and immediately started punching her in the face, causing cuts and bleeding. He allegedly continued until he could see her bloodied, to which the victim allegedly went to the bathroom the clean up. During this time, Brown allegedly wouldn’t let her leave and spit on her.

Brown then climbed on top of the victim again, hitting her and choking her until she couldn’t breathe. After the victim pushed Brown off of her, she allegedly tried to get dressed and leave but Brown wouldn’t let her. He allegedly stripped the clothes from her and kept her from leaving until the victim stated she was calling the police. Brown then left the home.

Cyncere Brown is behind bars in Franklin County on $100,000 bail. His preliminary hearing is set for February 21st.

Sources: Docket Number: MJ-39201-CR-0000048-2023, Complaint/Incident Number: C2023-01530