Chambersburg Council to meet Monday and on the agenda is decorum and public comment rules

11 August 2023- Chambersburg Borough Council reconvenes on Monday night after two impactful committee meetings to discuss the borough’s financial future, recaps from the meeting, and rules for the public.

Council is set to get a report from borough management about their mid-year financial situation. The recap of expenditures and updates on the General Fund will likely take up much of the meeting as the borough navigates a number of major projects. Southgate’s redevelopment, which is borough owned but operated by a number of different entities like the Chambersburg Area Municipal Fund, major street renovations, final touches on the massive police station improvement project, and plenty of other projects that have already been poured over by the borough’s bean counters are set to be looked at.

The borough also looks to enter a Banking Services Agreement with F&M Bank of Chambersburg. This agreement would employ F&M as the primary banking institution for all borough accounts for a term of seven years.

While council didn’t meet last Monday, the borough’s Planning and Zoning Commission met on Monday and the Parking, Traffic, and Street Light Committee convened on Tuesday. Full recaps from their Council appointed board members will cover the later half of the meeting.

The final motion, however, would be the one that gets the most eyes on it from the general public as Council is set to adopt a number of rules concerning public comment portions and participation during future meetings. After years of on-and-off issues, the borough has finally put forward an effort to curtail problems going forward.

News Talk 1037FM’s First News is set to host Borough Council President Allen Coffman just after 7:40am on Monday for a full preview of the meeting, including a look at the municipality’s finances and potential hard limits on public comment in the future.