Chambersburg Council set to hear from heavy hitters in police, fire departments on Monday

22 September 2023- Chambersburg Borough Council finishes off the month of September with a number of important and publicly visible departments presenting for them ahead of budget season. Last week council moved briskly through Economic Development, Downtown Chambersburg, Inc, and the Shade Tree Commission but expect a longer and heavier meeting on Monday.

While the only thing on the agenda are Department reports, they are set to be especially meaty and some of the most public facing ones. Chief Ron Camacho of the Chambersburg Police Department is set to take over a newly remodeled, multi-million dollar police station at the beginning of October. A marvel for all departments and agencies in the area, CPD has seen a significant influx in capital project improvements but are still significantly smaller than some may like. Council President Allen Coffman told First News last week that one of the biggest areas of complaints from the public is regarding speeding, blowing through stop signs and lights, and various traffic issues. The department does NOT have a dedicated traffic division, but would likely benefit from having one.

Chambersburg Fire Department are set to speak next, likely from their Chief Dustin Ulrich. The department handles both EMS and Fire services in the borough, as well as the EMS section having significant business outside of the borough. Following a number of crashes on I-81 that both departments responded to, a rise in lithium-ion battery fires due to electric cars, bikes, and scooters, and all the problems associated with a growing borough, the Fire Department will likely see an increased reliance put on them in the coming years.

Finally, Chambersburg’s Parking, Traffic, and Streetlight Committee will have their turn. This will likely come from one of Borough Council’s sitting members of the committee, Tom Newcomer or John Huber. As the committee takes recommendations at the end of every regular Council meeting, they look likely to take up a sizeable amount of time and budget on Monday and beyond.

Full agenda can be found HERE. A full preview of Monday night’s meeting with Council President Allen Coffman comes at 7:40am on News Talk 1037FM’s First News.