Chambersburg car dealer charged with falsifying state documents

24 January 2023- A used car dealership owner in Chambersburg is looking at forgery and falsifying documents charges after his is allegedly caught changing lease dates on a property. Matthew Thomas Neikirk is charged with misdemeanor unsworn falsification to authorities-forged/altered documents, misdemeanor false swearing-misleading a public servant, misdemeanor tampering with/fabricating physical evidence, and misdemeanor tampering with records or ID in writing. Neikirk is awaiting his summons for court.

On September 19th of 2022, Pennsylvania State Police allegedly got a call from a woman who alleged her friend was a victim of fraudulent activity from a car dealership. That current license location was on Lincoln Terrace in Fayetteville, which according to the Pennsylvania Department of State, Board of Vehicle Manufacturers, Dealers and Salesperson (BVMDS) was registered to Neikirk Motors LLC. The caller allegedly said her friend was the prospective buyer of the Lincoln Terrace property and that it was currently a repair shop with space for a used car dealership lot and office. Additionally, the caller allegedly told police that the current owner and seller would not allow for a year-to-year lease, only month-to-month because he didn’t want the new owner to be saddled without a tenant. The caller allegedly told police that through her work experience she knew the BVMDS would not approve a month-to-month based lease and therefore the documents submitted to the Board could have been changed after it was notarized but before submission to the board.

Interviews with the seller and current owner of the property found that the prospective owner was having issues with the tenant Matt Neikirk revolving around rent and AC Unit instillation. Because of this, the new owner would only allow Neikirk a month-to-month lease, which was allegedly agreed upon and signed by the current property owners and the Neikirks. PSP obtained a copy of the lease agreement from the notary who signed off on it, with it allegedly saying that it would be a month-to-month lease.

PSP contacted the PA BVMDS, who gave them the copy submitted to them. In that copy, Neikirk allegedly was given a year-to-year lease. Contacting Neikirk, PSP interviewed him about the discrepancies. Neikirk allegedly said that he did change the contract and date and reprinted the page. He allegedly said he went to a website “such as legal zoom” to change start and end dates to change and format papers. Neikirk allegedly told PSP that his dealer consulting firm told him that the dates needed to be changed/agreed upon to a year-to-year lease to be approved by the state. All of this was allegedly done without the approval or signature of the current property owner.

Neikirk is awaiting summons.

Sources: Incident Number: PA 2022-1261086, Docket Number: MJ-39304-CR-0000040-2023