Chambersburg Borough’s budget was unveiled and some public comment heard

October 26 – Chambersburg Borough Council had one item on the agenda at last night’s special meeting and that was the budget.

Public comment was also included and Valerie Jordan stepped up to the mic.

Allen Coffman, Councilmember for Ward One, joined Pat Ryan and Michele Jansen for a recap of the meeting.

He said Jordan apologized to Jeffrey Stonehill for questioning his employment with the city of Harrisburg. She also talked about the sidewalks and the fact that Dom Brown was not in favor sidewalks and asked for an apology from two of the Third Ward council ladies for spreading a rumor. She also briefly mentioned healthcare workers at WellSpan losing their jobs because of the vaccine mandate.

Ryan said, “I would imagine that Kathy Leedy and Barb Beattie had nothing to say on the request from the citizen.”

“You’re exactly right,” Coffman confirmed.

Jansen said, “My only problem with Valerie Jordan is she doesn’t necessarily, I don’t know, well she had to apologize because sometimes she gets information and then she kind of goes overboard.”

Ryan said, “We certainly get passionate at times. I get her engagement. I like her engagement and I get the passion and I also give her kudos. Hey, listen, if I’m wrong, I’m wrong.”

Jansen continued, “Everyone needs to back up. Rumors are one thing. Facts are another.”

Ryan said, “We had it on good authority from the radio station that those rumors were being spread around about Dom Brown.”

Jansen said, “Yeah but I don’t like to say anything definitively unless I have an exact fact, but I would like to ask anyone who would say anything that’s not true about a fellow candidate, we know people lie in politics, but if you are going to lie in politics and people call you out, you really need to step up and either say I didn’t say that, that’s not true, or oh, maybe I was mistaken. Maybe I heard something wrong and should clear the record.”

Ryan said, “That’s a very good point as well. So we didn’t say a word out of Barb Beattie or Kathy Leedy denying it, either.”

Jansen pointed out, “That actually can speak volumes if you aren’t going to step up and say that’s absolutely not true.”

“Exactly,” Ryan said.

The budget for Chambersburg Borough was presented and rolled out last night.

Coffman noted, “It’s interesting to note that there was four citizens present and I think there were three people that were on Zoom. Isn’t it interesting when we go from social discussions and we go to talking about the real, hard money, the cash, what makes the borough run, there’s only a total of maybe six people that are interested in seeing the borough budget presented. I find that kind of interesting.”

It looks like the borough will be going out for a bond for the police station renovation that will be 1 mil of tax increase for residents.

Additionally, water bills will go up about 60 cents for homeowners.

The storm water fees will increase for businesses, as well.

Coffman explained, “The reason for that is the methodology for coming up with the fees changed for 2022 and it’s based on comparing it to what a homeowners square footage is of his property. So most businesses are going to see an increase and if they want to know what that increase is and get a handle on it before it happens, they should be calling the storm sewer manager, Andy Stottlemyer, and I’ve got a phone number. 717-251-2434. Call Andy and he can tell you what that fee will be for your business property for 2022.”

Only 17 cents of the real estate tax dollar in Chambersburg goes to the borough. Most of it goes to the school district, Coffman noted.