Chambersburg Borough is looking at a lot of new buildings in town and radios for police

June 21 – With no borough council meeting tonight, Councilmember for the First Ward, Allen Coffman took the time this morning to talk about some official goings on in the borough of Chambersburg on First News.

Rural King will be coming to Chambersburg.

Rural King is like “Tractor Supply on steroids is the way I describe it,” Coffman said.

It will be at the old Kmart location on Wayne Avenue.

A new building for the electric department is also being constructed at the Service Center on Franklin Street.

Coffman explained, “A lot of their aerial trucks will be stored there in the winter so that when they get a call at 2 o’clock in the morning on a snowy night and it’s icy, they can take a truck out. It won’t be covered in ice that they have to get it de-iced before they can even use it. Storage for electric company stuff, to keep our electric customers happy, to keep the power on? Yes. It’s a good thing to do.”

For those who have been out Route 30 toward Caledonia, you may have seen the Clearwell Project at the Water Treatment Plant going on there.

Coffman said, “There’s been a project ongoing out there for months now to add a second what they call clearwell. Basically what the clearwell is is an underground storage area for treated water that’s ready to be sent to our customers here in Chambersburg.”

The only clearwell the borough has out there was built in the 1960s.

Coffman said, “If there would be some sort of a catastrophic failure there, we’d have a lot of problems. So it was decided that there would be another clearwell built right next to it which is a little bit larger than the one that’s there now. I think it will be about 2 ½ million gallons. The importance of it is now to have that additional storage area there and if you have a problem with the one that was built back in the 60s, you aren’t down because of that. You can’t be down because that’s a major part of the system. So people that have seen that from route 30? That’s what’s going on down there.”

The Chambersburg Police Department will be getting 40 radios as part of the communications upgrade the borough has been working on.

The next Chambersburg Borough Council meeting will be Monday, June 28, at 7 p.m., 100 South Second Street.