Chambersburg Borough Council will bump the meeting to next week

February 20 – Since both the president and vice president will be away, Chambersburg Borough Council will meet on February 27. 

Allen Coffman, borough council president, will be in Washington, DC, to talk about the electric utility with the American Public Power Association for a legislative rally. 

Coffman said, “Very much laid out the same as what we did with gas, however I expect this to be a much larger group that will be. There are more electric utilities than there are gas. I’ve never been to this one before so I have no idea what to expect so it’s going to be a learning experience.” 

Interestingly, the electric generation is actually powered by natural gas or diesel as well as solar energy. 

Coffman explained, “Make no mistake it comes off of the same utility. The gas that goes into that, we’re actually buying from the gas utility, from the gas department. They schedule the gas that’s needed. That’s another piece that goes into it, the scheduling that’s involved. It’s quite complicated.” 

The Board of Health met last Thursday, where a quorum was not had, so no business was conducted. 

The group did, however, have discussions. 

Coffman said, “One of the things that always comes up is the situation with restaurant inspections.” 

Chambersburg is one of the few municipalities that actually conducts their own restaurant inspections. Most places rely on the state to do it. 

Coffman said, “I never really worry about going to a restaurant that’s here in Chambersburg. I know the people inspecting and I know what they do. I know they’re very thorough about it.” 

Safe Serve, a national certification for restaurants, is another discussion point at the Board of Health. There will be two classes offered soon done entirely in Spanish. 

Coffman said, “I expect they will probably be well attended.” 

The contact information for the classes is Greg Vink and he can be reached at 717-251-2468.

This week the Shade Tree Commission will meet at 6 p.m. Thursday in Council Chambers at 100 South Second Street. 

Street sweeping was brought up at the last council meeting. The streets in Chambersburg are swept on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. 

Coffman said, “(That’s) downtown. I’ll say two blocks from the Square in either direction, but the other streets are not scheduled.” 

The new Public Works Manager will look into the schedule.