Chambersburg Borough Council is back at it tonight

July 8 – The Chambersburg Borough Council will meet tonight at 7 p.m. in Council Chambers at 100 South Second Street. 

It will be a short agenda tonight, but one item will be to discuss putting a Rainbow Bridge Memorial for pets along the Rail Trail. 

Allen Coffman, borough council president, said, “That’s probably going to have some interesting discussion this evening. This is really the mayor’s project. He’s been talking about it, I think, for a couple of months now. He’s talked to the Recreation Advisory Council two times about it, and it comes to council tonight. I think from the pictures I’ve seen, and this apparently came from a community that’s in North Carolina, it’s more of a ceremonial thing. It might be eight feet long, or 10 feet long, or something on that order, but it does raise some questions about ADA compliance and things like that, and that’ll probably be the meat of the discussion.” 

With the excessive heat recently, how is the power grid faring? 

Coffman said, “I think we’re doing really well on it. We’re running a lot of generation this last month. I don’t know whether we hit any of the peaks that they look for through the year, but that’s something I’m sure will come out this month from the electric department superintendent, but I know they’ve been doing a lot of generation trying to shave that peak off and keeping our costs down.”

A report from the Planning and Zoning Commission from June 4 will also be heard tonight. 

Coffman said, “It seems like a lot of this information seems like ancient history, doesn’t it? It’s a month ago and we’re getting the report, but that’s what happened with the month of June. There’s a lot of things going on, but not a not a lot of council meetings.”

Council will also consider re-authorizing a curb and sidewalk loan program that was instituted back in 2006. 

Coffman explained, “My take on it, and what I’ve read on so far, we had this program in place and one of the things that really messed it up was when we got into the COVID thing back in 2019. So they’ve looked at it. They’re going to do some changes on it. We’re going to talk about that tonight. That should be an interesting program, but basically what it does, it gives people who get a notice for curb or sidewalk work or both, it gives them a way to get a low interest loan from the borough to pay for the work, and that’s a way for them to get it done. But in order to get that, they have to meet certain guidelines as far as income. They can’t be over so much, and that’s all dictated by the state and the feds, how much you can make and whether you can get this loan or not. But I think it’s a good program. I think it’ll go through, and it probably does need some revision after being done in 2006.”

Community development block grants will also be discussed tonight. 

Coffman said, “It’s the usual thing that we go through every year with community development block grant money. There’s monies that doesn’t get used from previous years, that gets reallocated to things that are current for this year.”

For tonight’s agenda, click here.