Chambersburg Borough Council has a relatively short agenda tonight 

February 26 – The Chambersburg Borough Council will meet tonight at 7 p.m. in Council Chambers at 100 South Second Street, where one topic of discussion will be firefighters.

Allen Coffman, borough council president, said, “There’s quite a few items that are on the consent agenda. I think I counted about 17. There’s only three regular agenda items and they’re pretty important but the one that’s most important is the one about the firefighters.” 

A few weeks ago people were interviewed for probation firefighters for the Chambersburg Fire Department. 

Coffman said, “We had three good candidates. We ran into a little problem with one that he didn’t pass one of the final tests. So then we were down to two. So then we went back and now we are up to three again. We went a little further down on our list and we found there was another candidate who would be able to fulfill the obligation. They were all good candidates. We had five that we interviewed. They were all very, very close on their written test scores. Nevertheless, the importance of it is we’ve got to get these guys on board because their school starts on the 5th of March and that’s not far off. They’ve got a lot of things to get done and sorted out before they head off to school.”

An additional item on tonight’s agenda will be a vote on advertising an ordinance change on weeds, brush and grass in the borough.  

Coffman said, “We’re going to do an advertisement for a proposed change on the local law as it refers to weeds and brush and grass within the borough and also some other things. This is more what I would call a general update that’s done from time to time on ordinances. There were some things that our Solicitor’s Office saw that they thought should be changed. Really what it is is a request or an authorization to advertise it. So we aren’t taking action on it. We have to advertise it first before we have the hearing. They are minor things. A couple of things that were added. I don’t think anything was taken out but a couple things were added.”

Council will also vote on who will be delegates for the upcoming Pennsylvania State Association of Boroughs annual conference which is in June in Hershey, Pennsylvania. 

Coffman said, “We do this every year. We have people that go to it and you have to vote and appoint the voting delegates on resolutions that they have for the state level. I’m going to go to it and also the borough manager and I don’t know how many other council people will go but it’s certainly open to any council person that wants to go.”

Coffman is currently in Washington, DC, for the American Public Power Association (APPA) meeting. 

He explained, “They have two annual meetings they do in DC and it’s very similar to what the American Public Gas Association does. They come in, they talk about the legislative items that are going on in DC and what position they want to have on them or what position they do have on them and then the second part of it is to meet with Congressmen and Senators if you can get an audience with them and discuss those wishes with those people.”

Congressman John Joyce himself usually sits down with the group from Chambersburg, but usually staff handle the visits with other Senators and Congressmen. 

Coffman said, “I think we’ve found over the years, they’re generally acceptable to having people have the choice of what to have, multiple choices for power for heating and so forth. That doesn’t seem to be too much of a problem. Of course, the APPA heavily leans toward electricity for everything, but they’re also a big natural gas supporter, because natural gas is generating most of the electricity that’s being used in this country.”

Coffman will not be attending the meeting tonight because he is in DC, but Vice President Tom Newcomer will chair the meeting. 

For tonight’s agenda, click here.