Chambersburg Borough Council has a full agenda at last night’s meeting

August 24 – Chambersburg Borough Council moved forward on some projects that will do a lot to help the town last night at the council meeting.

Allen Coffman, Councilmember for Ward One, joined Pat Ryan and Michele Jansen on First News this morning for a recap of events of the meeting.

Both Ryan and Jansen were in attendance last night and took the opportunity to speak during the public comment section.

Jansen asked the council to delay the September 1 event, where council will decide on a nondiscrimination ordinance for LGBTQ+ members in the borough of Chambersburg, so that people can really understand more about the proposed ordinance.

Ryan spoke about the Healthy Family Fun Day held this past Saturday by Iglesia De Cristo Nuevo Pacto Ministerios Ebenezer and pointed out to council how welcoming Chambersburg really is.

Coffman said another member of the public shared those same sentiments, saying how nice the community truly is.

Council promoted Chris Brown to Captain of the Chambersburg Fire Department. Brown has 26 years of service with the CFD and the promotion was a welcome highlight to the meeting.  

Downtown Chambersburg, Inc. and VFW Post 1599 will work together to hang banners honoring military members in Chambersburg, much like other towns in the area have.

Ryan offered the help of the radio station if it’s needed for the banners and also requested that Wilson College give up a banner slot that says Find the Bold around town should DCI and the VFW need them.

Ryan said, “When I think of bold, I think of our treasured folks that walked before us and have (provided) our freedom. That, that’s bold.”

Council also discussed the Luminest partnership to rehab homes in Chambersburg. With a $250,000 grant, they think they’ll be able to rehab five homes. There’s been 100 done over the years.

“It’s nice to see that coming back,” Coffman said.

The American Rescue Plan Act will give Chambersburg about $7.7 million. There are certain requirements that have to be met – you just can’t use it for anything.

A proposed list of projects will be composed and discussed on the September 27 council meeting.

Chambersburg Electric Department gave a detailed presentation to council, where they said the average down time for Chambersburg is 28 minutes, which is well below any other department. There will be no rate increase projected for the 2022 budget.

The Water and Sewer department also had a report. It looks like there’s going to be a 2 cent per unit increase for the Water Department which will take a bill of $16.50 to $17.85, so it’ll be about $1.30 a month more. The increase will be 2 cents more for each 74.8 gallons of water used. There will be no change in the sewer rate.

Council also discussed tapping fees for water and sewer hookups. Council changed their master fee schedule, something that hadn’t been increased for years. So the fee to hookup water and sewer will be a little higher.

Council also reduced speed on McKinley Street and removed some residential permit parking on the east side of Chambersburg Hospital.

An executive session had a discussion on real estate. A building that’s close to the Wagner Supply building at 1335 South Fourth Street would make a good spot for servicing vehicles for the borough.  Last night after the executive session, the council returned and approved purchasing that building for $619,047.

It will be a good place to add on to the service center for borough vehicles. Council intends to use some of the stimulus money for the purchase, which would mean there would not be a tax increase for people in the borough to do this.