Chambersburg Borough Council doesn’t meet again until June

May 20 – The Chambersburg Borough Council has some time off in terms of meetings, but there’s always activity in the borough offices. 

Soon enough, budget talks will begin for the 2025 finances for borough departments. 

On Friday, the Glenn Street Fountain was officially turned back on.

Allen Coffman, borough council president, said, “There were probably about 20 or 25 people that showed up. We had our highway department people there that helped close the street off, the Chambersburg police department was there. Lieutenant Bietch was there on one of the police motorcycles to help with it and some other people as well, but it was a nice event. There’s a plaque that’s on that fountain which I did not mention Friday and I should have. It’s called In Memory of Janet M. Weaver. She was born in 1923 and in 1993, she passed. The Keeper of the Fountain and I thought this was interesting and I meant to include it Friday, placed by the family and neighbors and friends for her untiring efforts to maintain and improve the Glenn Street Fountain. That’s right in the center at the base of it, which I thought was a very nice touch. But I missed it on Friday so I’ll try to make up for it now.”

The fountain looks amazing. 

Coffman said, “It’s the nicest I’ve ever seen it look in the 30 years that I’ve been looking at, well over 30 years, really, but it looks great. It really does. It’s not perfect. One of the urns is a little bit turned, but in a way that’s sort of the way it is. Most things in life aren’t perfect.”

A week from today will be the Memorial Day parade. It begins at 8:45. The Cumberland Valley 21 Day Retreat hosts the parade. 

Coffman said, “They do a good job with it. Hopefully it’ll be a good event and a good day for them.” 

Lincoln Way from Fifth Avenue to the square will be closed. 

Coffman said, “It reminds me of turning on the fountain, the Memorial Square fountain. Remember there were thousands of people in that square when they dedicated that fountain which is really remarkable when you think about that. Thousands of people in that square, in the diamond as they called it then.” 

The US Census municipal population estimates are out and Chambersburg is growing. The borough gained about 1.6% in population. That amounts to 350 new residents in the last three years.

Coffman said, “I can sort of understand that because we’ve had a tremendous amount of growth, I think, in residential housing over the last couple of years. There’s still a need for it, which we hear about frequently. So people are moving here and I think one of the things I always thought, we get a lot of people that have retired here from the federal government and move into Pennsylvania, areas outside the borough really, and that explains Washington Township, I think, easy to get down into Maryland and go down into Frederick or DC, so it doesn’t surprise me that we’re growing a population in the south central part of PA.” 

The borough received a grant to bring on a new police officer, which will begin a new round of testing. 

Coffman said it will be “civil service testing, probably in September, and they’ll start advertising and pushing that pretty soon. So if you have an interest in being a police officer, especially in Chambersburg, watch for this announcement and take the test, get on the list and hopefully we will get somebody good to be in the department.” 

The county reassessment is still in discussion. 

Coffman said, “It seemed like there might have been some people who mistakenly said that they thought that the borough had filed a suit against the county. Not so, but you have to understand when you go into Executive Session, you really have to give a basic explanation of what’s going on. There’s only certain things that are allowed under Executive Session and real estate, lawsuits, labor negotiations, those are the kinds of things that are allowed.”