Chambersburg Borough Council agreed to lease agreement for the Chambersburg Police Department

March 30 – The Chambersburg Area Police Department will temporarily move to the 2nd floor of 1540 Orchard Drive as soon as the necessary renovations can be completed.

The current police department building on South Second Street had an extension added in 1973. That was the most recent work done on that building and it needs a refresh.

Plans include adding what’s called a sally port, which is a secure, controlled entry way to an enclosure, like a prison. Some police stations have an enclosed garage where the vehicles pull in and a door closes, creating a secure environment for those in custody.

The current building has no such entryway.

The lease agreement will be with the Chambersburg Area Development Corporation, which is a part of the Chamber of Commerce and will cost $15,000 a month.

Allen Coffman, Council member for the First Ward, discussed the lease agreement on First News this morning.

“I know people say that’s a lot of money, but looking at the other things that were looked at as possible places for a police station, it was not easy to find a place that met all the requirements,” Coffman said.

One of the real sticking points is the building had to be in the borough of Chambersburg.

The current police department building has “outgrown its usefulness at this point and it’s time to get it updated,” Coffman said.