Chambersburg Area School Board will meet tonight – let’s take a look at some agenda items

December 12 – The Chambersburg Area School Board will meet tonight at 7 p.m. at 435 Stanley Avenue in Chambersburg. 

There are two different times for public comment. 

School Board Member Stephanie Harbaugh explained, “I think the policy is that you have to be a resident of the district and the way that it works are two different public comment sections. The first public comment is on agenda items. So what you’d want to do is try to get online and look at the agenda that gets posted and then you can go down through and then there’s a sign in sheet. Then you get to come up, you have your three minute time and you get to comment on that specific item. Then we go through some of the meetings and then there’s a second public comment section. That’s where you can comment on pretty much anything you want to comment on and you still have the three minute time frame there. So if you maybe saw an instance of bullying or you’re concerned about whatever the case might be, or you just want to say hey, shout out to teachers, thank you for doing a good job. I mean, it’s really pretty much within reason anything that you’d like to say during that second comment period.”

Pat Ryan of NewsTalk 103.7FM pointed out, “As I always say get involved or get used to it and this is your opportunity to be in front of the school board. If you’ve got kiddos or grandkiddos or you’re a caretaker, you’ve got something on your mind, the school board wants to hear from you.”

Harbaugh agreed, “We all have emails that you can send stuff directly to us and we will forward it to the appropriate people. That way, you can know that your concerns are being heard, even if maybe we can’t directly deal with them because there are processes in place and people that need to be notified, but I will speak for myself and myself only when I say if I’m getting emails from the public they will be forwarded to the necessary and the appropriate people.”

One item on tonight’s agenda is the STEM program, which stands for Science, Technology, Engineering and Math. 

Harbaugh said, “They’re looking at instituting some clubs at the fourth grade level at some of our local elementary schools. I think that’s going to be really good to get kids started and excited about those specific subjects. One of my favorite things that I was reading in the documentation was that they’re going to have academic and attendance requirements. So I believe that you actually have to go through an application process to get into this club. I think that that’s going to help incentivize good grades, good behavior, because if that’s something you’re excited about to get into this club, then you need to meet the requirements.”

Discussion of a financial management course, which would be a half a year at the Career Magnet School or the Chambersburg Area High School, will be heard. 

Harbaugh explained it’s “where you learn money management, you get to learn what it’s like to borrow money, earning income, career management, investing, interest rates, things like that. Just a real, I think invaluable life skill that not a lot of people have. I believe that it’s going to be a graduation requirement at some point in the future. I believe ’27, ’28 is the year they’re looking at and I think that that’s going to really help a lot of young people understand that money truly does not grow on trees and there’s ways to manage it, good and bad.”
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