Chambersburg area man charged with sexually assaulting 10 year old family member

16 September 2023- A Mont Alto Road man is looking at sexual assault charges following a long interview with one of his family members. George Edwin Bigler is behind bars on $100,000 after being charged with felony IDSI with a child and felony corruption of minors. Bigler failed to post bail.

On July 18th, Pennsylvania State Police were alerted of a sexual assault of a child that had allegedly occurred on Mont Alto Road numerous times. The victim’s grandmother reportedly brought her in and when police began asking about the abuse the 10 year old victim allegedly covered her ears and put her head down until they were done. A forensic interview at a child advocacy center was set up for a later date.

That interview would come on July 24th, with the 10 year old taking about 20 minutes to open up to investigators when she began talking about her daily activities and things she enjoyed doing. Things would take a turn, however, as she described the alleged abuse that took place. According to the interview and police records, Bigler would force the 10 year old down on the bed and make her commit a variety of sex acts.

The victim continued, saying that she would cope in a number of ways but feared reprisal from Bigler, with her reportedly telling investigators “he said that if I didn’t, he would hurt Buddy”. Buddy, according to police filings, was her pet cat.

According to investigators, they tried contacting Bigler multiple times and even scheduled an interview about the potential charges and allegations. Within an hour of the interview, however, Bigler reportedly called and cancelled. Troopers tried calling him again and leaving messages but have been unable to contact him prior to his arrest this week.

George Bigler is behind bars on $100,000 bail. His preliminary hearing is set for September 26th.

Sources: Docket Number: MJ-39201-CR-0000331-2023, Incident No.: PA 2023-948752