Central Fulton teacher charged with giving weed pen, gummies to students

05 June 2024- A McConnellsburg man is facing a felony charge after allegedly giving marijuana products to potentially multiple students at the Central Fulton High School. Gavin McKenzie Shetler has been charged with felony delivery of a controlled substance and misdemeanor corruption of minors. Shelter was given a nonmonetary bail and was subsequently released by MDJ Heming to await his next court date.

Pennsylvania State Police say they received a Childline tip on April 29th to them that a teacher, identified as Gavin Shetler, had brought a weed pen and an edible gummy to school. Additionally, according to the tip, Shelter had allowed students to use the weed pen and another one to ingest a gummy. A search of the Central Fulton staff directory shows Shelter is a Computer Networking Instructor at CFHS.

PSP shortly after interviewed three students at the school, with them allegedly corroborating the tip that Shetler had brought a weed pen to school as well as a THC gummy. Shetler, according to the interviews, provided them to students, with some partaking, both with the pen and gummy. One of the students interviewed was 17 years old and interviewed in the presence of his mother. The younger interviewee allegedly tried the gummy, which he confirmed got him high and was not a regular gummy bear. Another interview reportedly showed Shetler had brought the vape pen and gummy on different days, but both within the same week.

Additionally, Troopers say that Shetler had communicated with his students on the messaging platform Discord. These messages were recorded in court filings and allegedly included messages from Shetler admitting to THC gummies being involved.

Shetler himself was interviewed by PSP on May 17th, with him allegedly admitting to playing video games with students outside of school but ending that practice around the end of the second quarter of this school year. Additionally, the vape, according to Shetler, was CBD only and did not contain THC. The gummy, Shelter reportedly said, also was only CBD and no THC was inside of it.

Additionally interviews with the juvenile student and other interviewees allegedly showed that the gummy was specifically mentioned as being THC, including the one the juvenile had eaten. Another interviewee reportedly told people that he heard the strain involved in the pen was called “blue diesel” and that the vape contained THCA. That interviewee “did not know what THCA meant but remembered the vape contained” it.

THCA is the acidic form of THC. PSP specify that THCA is non-intoxicating in its raw form, however, when heat is combined with it, it goes through a “decarboxylation” process and becomes THC. Vape pens use this process to vaporize the THCA into THC. Because of this process, Shetler was charged with distribution of a controlled substance.

Gavin Shetler is free on a nonmonetary bail.

Sources: Docket Number: MJ-39403-CR-0000042-2024, Incident No.: PA 2024-555549, https://www.cfsd.info/staff