CASHS’ Mini THON raises over $22,000 to fight pediatric cancer

28 February 2024- The Chambersburg Trojans look like they’ve given Penn State a run for their money just this weekend as the school announces they’ve raised over $22,000 to battle pediatric cancer.

After 12 hours of dancing, celebration, and activities, the school announces that they’ve raised a total of $22,035.16. Saying in a statement, the school wishes a “thank you to everyone who donated, collected money, danced, and gave their time or support to help us reach this goal!”

CASHS students after they completed the 12-hour long dance mini THON event. Picture is from the Chambersburg Area School District’s social media.

THON famously is the 46-hour dance marathon held by Penn State students every year and its subsequent philanthropy programs. The event is student-run and by some metrics is the biggest student-run charity program in the country, if not the world. All of their work is to benefit “the lives of children and their families impacted by childhood cancer”. The organization continues, saying “our mission is to provide emotional and financial support, spread awareness, and ensure funding for critical research- all in pursuit of a cure”. They say the organization has over 16,500 student volunteers.

You heard that news on News Talk 1037FM’s First News FIRST this morning with Chambersburg Area School District board member Stephanie Harbaugh. The sit down with Stephanie covers the presentation of the Chambersburg student council’s presentation following the event. You can hear that full break down below.