Cash to Trash: Hagerstown residents, business to ROLL out new garbage receptacles

13 March 2023- The solid waste collection industry (namely ‘trash collection’) is evolving and Hagerstown is adapting to these changes.   To better service customers, trash collection contractors are moving toward automated and semi-automated collection trucks, and in order to make this transition as smooth as possible, cooperation from residents is required.

Over the next year, the City will be issuing carts for trash to facilitate these new collection methods.   As a pilot program, the downtown “Zone F” trash zone will receive carts beginning on Thursday, March 16.  The rest of the City will receive carts in the spring of 2024.  By the summer of 2024, the City contractor’s fleet of collection trucks will be equipped with a lift that empties these carts. This makes servicing neighborhoods more efficient, helps to ensure the collection staff members’ safety, and keeps collection costs as low as possible.

With the implementation of this new collection method, it is imperative that all trash is bagged and placed inside the issued carts with the lid closed.  The new carts are the only containers that may be used to set out trash as they are the only receptacles designed to work with the trucks’ lifting equipment.  That means no trash in any other cans will be collected and no loose trash, including bags, will be picked up. 

Again, this applies ONLY applies right now to the downtown pilot area customers in “Zone F” starting with Thursday (March 16) night’s collection.

To learn more, or to request an additional cart, visit the City of Hagerstown’s website:

This program is funded through the Federal American Rescue Plan Act.