CASD teacher recognized for helping children involved in a car accident

December 13 – At last night’s Chambersburg Area School Board meeting, a teacher was recognized by the board for her help at a recent car accident. 

Amy Osbaugh teaches kindergarten at Ben Chambers Elementary School and witnessed a car accident and saw that two children were involved. 

Chambersburg Area School Board Member Stephanie Harbaugh said, “While the EMS was attending to the parents that were involved in the accident, she took the children aside and she stayed with them and she kept them distracted. She also made sure that they got the medical attention that they needed and she just went above and beyond in that situation. We wanted to take a minute last night and hand her a certificate of recognition for her ability and her bravery and her compassion in that horrible accident that happened and that she was able to be there and help those children through that and keep them as oblivious to the negative things that were going on as possible. So that did happen and that’s a positive thing. We have a lot of great teachers in this district, not only when they’re teaching the students, but they also have a heart for them outside the classroom as well. So we wanted to recognize that last night.”

Michele Jansen of NewsTalk 103.7FM said, “Thank you, Amy. Instincts of most teachers, of course, are to care for their children as well as to teach them. I would hope it would be the instincts of any adult that would witness such a thing, but kudos to her for taking the time to do something that you could just drive by or just figure oh, the professionals will handle it. I’m so glad she was there to comfort those kids.” 

Pat Ryan of NewsTalk 103.7FM added, “She rolled up her sleeves, got in there. That’s very well done there.”