CASD Board “Gets A Grip!”

CHAMBERSBURG – CASD Board Adopts 0% Tax Increase Proposal for 2021-2022

The Chambersburg Area School District (CASD) board of directors approved a proposed
0% tax increase for the 2021-2022 General Fund budget, at the May 4th Regular School
Board Meeting. The proposal is the first in a multi-step process that culminates in a final
budget approval at the June 8th Regular Board meeting.
The proposed 0% tax increase was discussed at the board meeting as part of a larger
presentation detailing 2020-2021 budget variances and projected revenue and
expenditures for 2021-2022.The proposed final budget forecasts $155,368,293 in
revenue and expenditures, with a total spending authority of $160,367,293. The
presentation included a number of factors that district staff believe will allow CASD to
continue to provide quality education to students without the need for a tax increase.
Those factors include:
● A growing tax base
○ The Chambersburg area continues to experience growth, resulting in a
larger assessment base that increases revenue.
● Anticipated Savings during 2020-2021 fiscal year
○ Primarily attributed to employee attrition and departmental cost savings,
the District anticipates a net savings of over $2.4 million
Additionally, the federal government has provided substantial assistance to school
districts via the Elementary and Secondary School Emergency Relief (ESSER) Fund
through the CARES Act. CASD anticipates the receipt of $11,400,000 in ESSERII funds. A portion of the one-time federal funds, $3 million, is slated to offset existing planned
expenditures, while the remaining funds will be allocated for additional one-time
expenditures during the 2021-2022 fiscal year.
The one-time federal funds provide emergency relief to address the impact that COVID19 has had on elementary and secondary schools across the United States.
Dr. Dion Betts, Superintendent of Schools at CASD, formed a “Future of Learning
Group” to determine potential projects for the third round of COVID relief – ARP ESSER
funds. Under the ARP ESSER funds, the District is slated to receive an additional $22,
590,950 usable through September 30, 2024. The group contains a wide variety of
stakeholders throughout the district who aim to align the funds with district goals while
following specific ARP ESSER spending guidelines.
The vote for the 2021-2022 final budget, setting the tax and millage rate for 2021-2022,
is scheduled for the June 8, 2021, Regular Board meeting. CASD administration will
continue to monitor the revenue and expenditure assumptions, providing updates to the
school board and public via Regular Board Meetings. The public is encouraged to attend
these meetings in-person (via e-mail request), or virtually on the CASD Youtube
Channel. The CASD Business Office also provides up-to-date documents on their
website here: