Can you put a dollar amount on happiness? Well, apparently that figure in America is over six figures

29 December 2023- What is happiness to you? A roof over your head? Bills all paid off? Maybe just a good movie on and your pup sitting on the couch with you?

Well according to a new Empower poll, Americans have figured out a price tag for happiness. That price tag just so happens to be $284,000 a year.

Yes, you read that right. Almost $300,000 a year is “necessary” for happiness.

The median household income in the US, by the way, is $74,000.

According to the poll, six in ten Americans believe money CAN, in fact, buy happiness. The ideal amount in their bank accounts? A measly $1.2 million.

The good news for everyday day Joes and Josephines, is 67% of people surveyed say “being able to simply pay their bills on time would make them happy”.

What’s the number for you? Does it come close to the $284,000/year mark?