Can the PA government really legislate sex on college campuses?

October 24 – Governor Tom Wolf came out with a four-bill package earlier in the week attempting to reduce assault on college campuses, but the details of some of the legislation get pretty specific on what actually happens in the bedroom.

Representative Rob Kauffman joined Pat Ryan and Michele Jansen Friday morning on First News to discuss this new legislation.

Jansen said, “As we know, there’s been this big fear tactic thing for college campuses where supposedly like 98 percent of all female college students are somehow being sexually assaulted. I think it’s way overblown. That’s not to minimize when real things do happen, but I don’t like again, I see vagueness in this. I see this idea of stalking, harassment and the way we’re defining it and the way we’re making students so fragile these days that they see threats everywhere, I really worry about, we know due process was really hurt under the Obama administration for men on campuses. I’m afraid we’re seeing a move back towards that.”

Kauffman said, “It is concerning. I guess under these bills there would be different rules for sexual activity for men, women on college campuses. I mean, this is odd. Talk about getting into one’s bedroom and interfering in one’s personal relationship. This is weird stuff.”

“And how do you prove this?” Jansen asked. “What they’re going to say now is that females on campus especially. I’m sure it could go either way, but if you don’t proactively, verbally say yes, then the other person can be accused of sexual assault.”

Kauffman said, “You must affirmatively state yes, I would like to have sex with you. It is not about no means no. You must have essentially a sex conversation.”

“Should we have a written contract?” Jansen asked. “I think if I had a son I’d be saying you better get something in writing.”

Kauffman said, “Let me tell you, nothing of this conversation is to promote per-marital, promiscuous sex on college campuses, but the reality is we’ve heard so long that it’s my body I can do what I want with, all the sexual revolution, but now we’re telling folks what conversations they must have before having sexual intercourse on college campuses.”

Ryan said, “Why don’t they just make a damn app for it? Just do a selfie or roll video on it and be done with this? I’ve got to have Tom Wolf legislate this stuff now?”

Jansen said, “Isn’t it bizarre because those of us who are very conservative or religious minded and we actually do believe in a contract, but it’s called a marriage contract and we know that that’s the best way to go for protection, for happiness, for meaningfulness, blah, blah, blah, but now we have this very loosey goosey hook up society and now we’re coming back to you have to have some kind of written, verbal contract. It’s hilarious.”

Kauffman said, “The reality is they’re trying persecute, prosecute young men on college campuses. That’s the appearance.”

Jansen said, “Let me just read this one sentence by Wolf which boils it down so vaguely and stupidly I just want to scream. ‘We can’t live in a society where many of us, a huge percentage of us, just feel unsafe and sexual violence, sexual assault is something that makes our children feel unsafe.’ What does that mean? What’s the data for this? Who is he talking about? In what circumstances? This is just an idiotic fear statement.”

Kauffman said, “If folks on college campuses felt so unsafe, I don’t believe they would go to college. That would be a deterrence to go to college. I’m not hearing fear from college students. The appearance is people go to college and the entire time they’re running around campus, all afraid that they’re going to be sexually assaulted on college campus. That’s just a disturbing thing to think of to begin with.”

Jansen said, “I do know conservative students are afraid to express their opinion on college campuses. I know that for a fact. I do know that males, in particular, are going less to college now. Their numbers are dropping because they feel threatened by all of this.”

Ryan said, “All their numbers are down. We’ve already seen that. So go ahead and legislate your way out of a paper bag.”