Business owner, PSP chase down man trying to break into Mercersburg laundromat

24 June 2024- Pennsylvania State Police look like they got an assist from a businessowner during a robbery attempt in Mercersburg early Monday morning. Charles Albert Poole has been charged with felony criminal trespassing, misdemeanor defiant trespassing, and four summary offenses of criminal mischief, disorderly conduct, simple trespassing, and public drunkenness. Poole failed to post bail of $65,000.

Pennsylvania State Police were initially called to a laundromat on N Main Street in Mercersburg around 2am on June 24th for an active break in. The caller, who was one of the owners of devices on the property, was reportedly watching a man trying to rip open coin holders of the machines on the property all over security camera footage. While Troopers were en route, they learned that the owner had attempted to detain the suspect, but the latter was able to flee. After a short canvass of the area once Troopers arrived, however, that suspect was taken into custody.

When an arrest was made, Troopers identified the man as Charles Poole and spoke to him as well as the victim. Troopers say that Poole admitted to using methamphetamine the day before and they also say he showed signs of impairment at that time.

The owner of some of the machines in the property allegedly told police that he had barred Poole from entering the laundromat due to the latter coming in too many times high on methamphetamine. Troopers also say that the victim had tried to capture the suspect by himself but was unsuccessful.

Surveillance footage from the laundromat allegedly saw Poole put some money into a coin machine game before fidgeting with it and subsequently trying to break into it. Additionally, Poole was reportedly seen acting erratic, talking to himself before trying to pry open washing machine coin holders.

Charles Poole is behind bars on $65,000 bail.

Sources: Docket Number: MJ-39306-CR-0000107-2024, Incident No.: PA 2024-823616