Business of the Borough talks police, comprehensive plan and the Zoning Hearing Board

August 2 – Councilman for Ward One Allen Coffman joined Pat Ryan and Michele Jansen this morning on First News for the long running segment “Business of the Borough.”

Discussion began with the laws that Maryland had passed which would make police officers liable for just about everything. How would anyone ever choose to be a police officer under those circumstances?

Ryan pointed out, “Remember in Chambersburg, your mayor has the thumb right on the police here.”

Jansen added, “The one thing our weak mayor system has responsibilities for.”

Ryan continued, “The Democrats are all about – you’ve watched it, you’ve seen it all over the country, you’ve seen it everywhere out of all these Democrat controlled cities and the mess and the slop and the disgust that they have there because of re-imagining and defunding – Democrats are about defunding and re-imagining. And that’s all there is to it. And don’t think for a hot second that there’s nothing to see here. Nothing could be further from the truth. I want specifics. That’s what I want. Chief Camacho here in Chambersburg has done an outstanding job. So much so that he was called into Harrisburg to say how did you do it? How did you get it so right? I don’t need his department messed with, alright? Worry about the bike racks.”

Jansen said, “And what’s disturbing is they’re doing this comprehensive plan. We really should have a discussion about this that the people conducting the focus groups, they were exposed at this exploratory meeting. They are coming out with some pretty outrageous…they picked 27 people. It’s a small group. They were picked by at least two of the four organizations involved in getting the focus group together are very leftist progressives and they came out with comments about how racist our police force is. And that’s being discussed for the comprehensive plan for the borough of Chambersburg. I think, folks, you better start paying attention to what’s going on with this comprehensive plan because there’s a lot of leftist, liberal, progressive influence in the so-called analysis of what’s going on in Chambersburg.”

Coffman said, “We’re supposed to get an update on the comprehensive plan tomorrow night at the Planning and Zoning meeting. I’m anxious to hear what’s going to come out of that. The biggest thing I’ve seen in the comprehensive plan recently is discussion on what will happen with South Gate, the shopping plaza in the southwest corner of town. A lot of talk about it. What will happen there is going to be a result of who’s got money to put into that and make that development happen. That’s the big part of it.”

Ryan said, “That property for the longest time I’ve heard borough council and I’ve heard the owners of that building go back and forth and back and forth, ever since I’ve been here, and it’s obviously been going a long, long time thereafter. If we had less influence from the suburb-y type of people that have these visions and dreams and actually had people walking around and seeing that mess. That’s the kind of stuff I need borough council working on. I don’t need government pros. I need people that are going to solve something here. I’m glad to hear that’s one of the things that makes the cut. And by the way, get a statistically reliable sample. I don’t need any more damn focus groups. Twenty-seven people doesn’t give you a good flavor for downtown.”

It looks like there’s still going to be growth in downtown Chambersburg, according to the Planning and Zoning board agenda.

Additionally, the Zoning Hearing Board will hear from three different appeals. One is an expansion of a building, one is a pass to change a business from one business to another and another is a sign variance at the car wash on West Loudon Street.

Listeners were reminded of the Citizen’s Police Academy in Chambersburg – tomorrow is the day to get your application in.

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Coffman said, “I took the first one that was done four years ago. Once you get there, you will not want to miss a session. It’s that good. And you see that much inside and you’ll learn an awful lot and you won’t forget any of it, either. Am I promoting it? Absolutely because I think it’s a great program to do.”

Ryan said, “I believe we’re also going to go to a firing range? Because I signed up for it.”

Coffman confirmed, “Oh yeah. A firing range.”

Ryan added, “Also a ride along.”

Coffman said, “And a ride along, too.”

Coffman also pointed out that last week was the final special exploratory committee meeting that was held at borough hall and so now we’ll sit back and wait and see what the recommendation of the three-member board will be.

Jansen said, “They did say there were council members who had watched all of (the meetings). We have the recordings. You really should watch them all yourself and as should all the council members in my opinion.”

Coffman said, “I did.”

Jansen said, “Great. How can they digest all this, analyze this and have a decision by next week?”

Coffman predicted, “I fully expect that we’ll see a report by next Monday night. I could be wrong, but that’s what I think.”

Jansen said, “That’s not enough time.”