Burglary tacked onto man already looking at prior cinderblock attack charges in Chambersburg

23 February 2023- Felony possession, felony aggravated assault, felony rioting, and now felony burglary. A Chambersburg man racks up more charges after allegedly stealing pills, an engagement ring, and more from a victim earlier this year. Allan David Dominguez is charged with two counts of felony burglary and one count of misdemeanor receiving stolen property. Dominguez is already incarcerated in Franklin County, but an additional $5,000 has been added to his bail by Magisterial District Court Judge Glenn Kenneth Manns.

Around 4:45pm on New Years Day, 2023, Chambersburg PD were called to a home on S Second Street for reports of an earlier burglary. Police talked to the victim, who said that it allegedly happened between 1:30pm on New Years Eve and when she arrived home the next day at Noon. The victim allegedly got home at that time and fell asleep on the couch before going upstairs a short while later. There she allegedly found her dresser drawers pulled out, a bag with shoes pulled out from under her bed, her closet opened, an engagement ring missing from her jewelry stand, and a taser missing. Additional searches of the home found multiple prescriptions missing, including zocar, guanfacine, trazodon, Claritin, paxil, xanax, and desyrel.

Police continued their investigations, allegedly finding the point of entry to the home in the attic, with two wooden boards kicked out from the wall connecting the home to the adjacent duplex. Additionally, police were able to find a footprint from a pair of shoes on the floor in the attic and it was recorded. The victim allegedly thought the culprit could be Allan Dominguez, who had lived in the adjacent duplex to her with his mother until he moved out in December. Clothes found in her shed also turned out to be Dominguez’s as well.

On January 5th, Dominguez was arrested for the prior aggravated assault charges stemming from the cinderblock attack. A search of Dominguez at the time found him in possession of numerous prescription pills, including some that could have been the burglary victim’s prescriptions. Additionally, he allegedly had the victim’s EBT card on him when he was arrested.

Dominguez was arrested while wearing a pair of size 9 Nike Max sneakers, which police were able to match as shoes with the same sole pattern as the one found on the attic floor after the burglary.

Dominguez is still behind bars, this time on additional $5,000. His preliminary hearing for the latest charges is set for February 28th.

Sources: Complaint/Incident Number: C2023-00017, Docket Number: MJ-39201-CR-0000059-2023