Bronx woman arrested for alleged string of Chambersburg bank frauds

22 March 2024- A woman from New York City is facing bank fraud charges after she allegedly admits to hitting up multiple branches with fraudulent identification in one day. Maribel Pizarro, 54 of the Bronx, NY, is charged with felony forgery and felony theft. Pizarro is currently behind bars on $100,000 bail.

Chambersburg PD were initially alerted to a reported theft by false ID at the Patriot Federal Credit Union branch on Gateway Avenue in the borough on March 19th. That unknown female had used a fake identification card to withdraw $3,000 from a member’s account.

On March 21st, CPD were alerted to the same woman attempting to use a phony card at the Patriot branch on S Federal Street in the Borough. Since she was still at that branch, Chambersburg PD were dispatched and ultimately apprehended the woman, who was identified as Maribel Pizarro. Pizzaro herself was allegedly found to have a fraudulent identification card on her person at the time of her arrest, with it containing her own picture but another person’s information.

Interviews were conducted with Pizarro, with her reportedly being forthcoming in the incidents. During the interview, CPD say Pizarro told them she got the card from a man named “Q”. Q then drove her to Chambersburg on March 19th to attempt to make withdrawals from multiple Patriot FCU branches on the same day. In total, Pizarro allegedly admitted to going to four or five banks on March 19th. Q had also reportedly taken Pizarro to Chambersburg to attempt to withdraw money on the 21st, but that was ultimately unsuccessful and ended with her arrest.

Patriot Federal Credit Union is not the only reportedly affected by “Q” and other alleged associates like Pizarro. Other institutions like Orrstown Bank and F&M Trust have allegedly been affected and that could cause ramifications to their account holders.

Patriot FCU has since released some suggestions on what consumers can do to help reduce the likelihood that they will be victimized by similar criminal financial activity:

  • Make sure that your financial institution has a recent photo ID of you on file.
  • Never give out your banking credentials (account number, PIN, password, etc.), especially to people that you don’t know  – – – it’s like giving out the keys to your car or your house.
  • Protect your personal information and data (address, date of birth, social security number, etc.)
  • Monitor your account activity regularly (i.e., with online and mobile banking), and if you notice unusual transactions contact your Financial Institution as soon as possible
  • Keep your financial records (statement, checks, etc.) confidential and dispose of bank and ATM receipts properly – avoid discarding them in a public-accessible trash receptacle, or opt not to get an ATM receipt.
  • Use strong unique passwords and change them regularly.

Maribel Pizarro is behind bars in Franklin County on $100,000 bail. At this time, it appears “Q” has not been publicly identified.

Sources: Docket Number: MJ-39201-CR-0000166-2024, Incident No.: C202403198