BREAKING: Unknown person rides bus into James Buchanan High School, brings alcohol, vape, and weapon to JBHS, sends school into lockdown

UPDATES: The man has been identified as Devin Reed, 23, of Chambersburg. Full details can be found HERE.

10 April 2024- An incident in Mercersburg today has led the Tuscarora School District to issue a release following an unknown person making their way onto school property.

At this time, it is unknown a name or motive of this person. Full statement by Superintendent of School Rodney Benedick is below.

I am writing to share with you information about a situation that occurred earlier today
within the Tuscarora School District.

An individual who identified himself as a newly enrolled James Buchanan High School student boarded one of our secondary buses during its routine morning bus route and was transported to the high school at the start of the school day. During the bus ride to school, the individual had minimal interaction with the small group of students also on the bus at the time.

Upon arrival at the school’s main office, it became evident that the individual was not a new student and did not have an official purpose for being in the school. We involved our School Police Officer, who placed the individual under his supervision and eventual custody. School officials placed the high school in lockdown, which means that students and staff remained in their locations and did not travel throughout the building.

During the lockdown, State Police were contacted to assist the School Police Officer with the investigation into the individual’s presence at school. Police removed the individual from campus and he is in police custody as the investigation continues.

Through the course of the initial investigation, we learned that the individual possessed alcoholic beverages, a vape device, and a weapon. These items were not displayed at any time during the individual’s time on the bus or on the school’s campus. The individual did not make any threatening statements throughout today’s events.

State Police are investigating this situation and will provide any updates they deem appropriate related to the individual involved and potential criminal charges. We are not able to share any additional details at this time, as it is an ongoing police investigation.

I understand that today’s events are unsettling and I want to assure you that the safety and security of our Tuscarora School District students, faculty and staff remains our highest priority.

While the police conduct an investigation into the individual involved in this situation, our District will be investigating what events led to the individual being permitted to board one of our school buses in this isolated incident.

We are committed to creating a safe environment for our students in all aspects of their Tuscarora School District experience and will continue to review our policies, procedures and processes to ensure, to the greatest degree possible, that a situation such as this does not occur in the future.

I will share additional information with our families and staff if it is available and appropriate to do so.

Thank you for your continued support of the Tuscarora School District.