BREAKING: Trucker arrested in Franklin Co. for attempted murder, kidnapping charges after allegedly firing shots at passing cars on I-81

05 June 2023- A long series of events keeps PSP occupied this weekend as they arrest a Mississippi man for a slew of charges including attempted homicide. Edward Jackson Nickens is charged with H1 attempted homicide, felony kidnapping, felony aggravated assault with extreme indifference, misdemeanor terroristic threats, misdemeanor unlawful restraint, misdemeanor assault, misdemeanor reckless endangerment, misdemeanor DUI, misdemeanor false imprisonment, and two summary traffic offenses. Nickens was denied bail by MDJ Jody Eyer.

Around 2:30pm on June 2nd, PSP Chambersburg was contacted by telephone and told about an altercation occurring on I-81NB near mile marker 21 in Greene Township. According to the caller, a red tractor trailer with a white trailer was pulled over and a male had a heavyset female pushed back against the trailer. Fearing for the woman’s safety, PSP were dispatched and the woman was located.

That woman gave a written statement to Pennsylvania State Police Troopers afterwards, saying that she was the passenger in the red truck belonging to her boyfriend, Edward Nickens. They had previously stopped at a Pilot truck stop on June 1st in Hagerstown and then went to a gun store nearby for Nickens to purchase ammunition. Nickens also allegedly bought two pints of Jack Daniels at a liquor store shortly after. Back at the truck stop, Nickens allegedly began drinking the Jack Daniels and loading his handgun. After the victim told Nickens he shouldn’t be driving after drinking, Nickens allegedly became upset and pointed the firearm at her and threatened to kill her and her family if she left the cab. Before they left the truck stop, Nickens allegedly fired one round into the air and one round into the grass by a worker picking up trash.

While in Franklin County on I-81, Nickens and the victim eventually travelled by the fire that had shut down I-81SB. Around the area of the fire, Nickens allegedly rolled down his window and fired rounds at passing vehicles. Nickens would eventually pull over to the side of the road and demanded the victim to move to the passenger seat, to which she refused. Nickens then allegedly threatened her, punched her across the face, then pointed the gun at her. After complying, Nickens eventually put the gun on the dash for the victim to throw it out the window. Nickens then allegedly fought with the victim before firing a shot that narrowly missed her head. After the victim managed to get away from Nickens’ grasp, he decided to keep going. Around 3 miles north of the incident, PSP-Chambersburg was able to pull over Nickens and took him into custody.

When Nickens was taken into custody, police allege that he admitted to drinking Jack Daniels prior to driving, with him showing significant signs of impairment. Police executed a search warrant on Nickens’ cab, where they allegedly found two bottles of Jack, a black Ruger 9mm, and bullets around the the entirety of the cabin. Police were able to account for 41 rounds out of the 50 round box that Nickens had purchased, meaning 9 rounds were unaccounted for.

Edward Nickens was denied bail. His preliminary hearing is set for June 13th.

Sources: Docket Number: MJ-39306-CR-0000096-2023, Incident Number: PA 2023-739973