McConnellsburg residents charged with murder of child, leaving baby at intersection of Lincoln Way and US-522

UPDATES: Court filings against Joshua Wooters and Emily Dickson have been made available. The full details are below.

Pennsylvania State Police were called to the intersection of N 2nd Street and Lincoln Way in McConnellsburg Borough around 8:45am on March 11th for a deceased infant found lying in the roadway. Troopers say that the victim, a newborn male, was found lying in the roadway just of the sidewalk of N 2nd Street, around 20 feet north of its intersection with Lincoln Way. The baby was pronounced deceased by the Fulton County Coroner’s Office shortly after. That child, court documents show, was very recently born at the time of its death.

A neighborhood canvas at 11:15am reportedly involved questioning to Joshua Wooters, who allegedly told police that he didn’t have any information regarding the victim that was found outside, which it should be noted is very nearby to his apartment building listed on his court filings.

After an autopsy conducted on the victim in Windber, PA, Troopers say they interviewed Wooters again. This interview, which was conducted on April 1st, allegedly again saw Wooters claim he did not know any information regarding the victim. Two days later, though, PSP executed a search warrant on Wooters’ Lincoln Way West apartment in McConnellsburg Borough.

During a search of the apartment, Troopers say that blood evidence was observed inside the bedroom and bathroom, including on the mattress and bathroom window sill. Additionally, Troopers say, the apartment had multiple windows overlooking the location of where the victim was located.

Wooters was interviewed for a third time the day of the search warrant execution but was not placed under arrest. During the interview, Wooters allegedly told Troopers that Emily Dickinson, his girlfriend, was at the apartment on the day of the incident. This reportedly came after some contradictions previous to that statement, though, with Wooters allegedly saying, “my first reaction of something that’s traumatic for me is, um, to lie”.

Troopers say Wooters did not know Dickinson was pregnant until about a month before the March incident. Dickinson, Wooters allegedly said, never went to a doctor to determine if she was pregnant. Wooters reportedly told Troopers, “I’m only 19, like, do you really think a person that’s the age of 19 should have a child, no, not at all, they’re too immature”.

The day of the incident, Troopers say Wooters was woken up by Dickinson telling him she was in labor. After this, Wooters allegedly said that Dickinson threw the baby out of the window without telling him after giving birth to the child. After contemplating the situation, Wooters reportedly told Troopers that he collected the mattress cover and other items in a trash bag before he threw that out of the window.

DNA and cell phone data from both Joshua Wooters and Emily Dickinson were both taken by PSP shortly after this interview, with it being sent back to laboratories for analysis.

Dickinson was interviewed in the presence of her attorney on April 11th by Pennsylvania State Police. Troopers say Dickinson unprompted said, “When I get the child released, I don’t want it back, just, I don’t want it, it’s too upsetting”. During questions, Troopers say that Dickinson admitted to having a child but not knowing she was pregnant until much later in the pregnancy cycle.

Additionally, Troopers say that Dickinson attempted to ascertain whether she could have an abortion or not, but never went through with the process. This then allegedly led to Dickinson wanting to give the baby up for adoption, but Troopers say she “made no attempt in contacting agencies about adoptions”.

During the birthing process, Wooters allegedly was confused about how it was carried out but said that “the child was deformed, the head was much bigger than usual, and there was something wrong with it. The child then died.” It was at this point that Dickinson allegedly threw the baby out of the window. Crucially, Troopers say that Dickinson did not believe the baby was alive during and after the birth but Dickinson did not attempt to perform CPR on it because “she was too out of it”. Dickinson is a CNA, Troopers say, and is CPR certified.

A forensic biology report was received by PSP indicating that Wooters and Dickinson are 720 quadrillion times more likely the victim’s parents than any two random, unrelated individuals.

Additionally, on June 10th, Troopers say they received a forensic download of Dickinson’s phone that showed multiple Google searches for “vasectomy”, “pregnancy calculator”, “Maryland abortion law”, pregnancy what do contractions feel like”, and other queries. On the day of the alleged incident, Troopers say that Dickinson’s phone showed Google searches of “home birth”, “home birth how long does the bleeding last”, and “home birth complications from premature birth”.

An official autopsy of the child was received by Pennsylvania State Police on June 12th. The cause of death was determined to be exsanguination from the umbilical stump.

Joshua Wooters and Emily Dickinson are behind bars on bail denied in Bedford County Jail on agreement with Fulton County.

25 June 2024- Two people have been charged with the death of a child that was found deceased at the intersection of N Second Street and Lincoln Way in McConnellsburg this March, captivating the entire tristate area. At this time, Joshua Coleman Wooters and Emily Jane Dickinson have both been charged with Criminal Homicide, conspiracy to commit criminal homicide, misdemeanor concealing the death of a child, and misdemeanor abuse of a corpse. Wooters has additional been charged with misdemeanor obstruction of a law enforcement function.

Both Wooters and Dickinson have been denied bail by MDJ David Washabaugh V, with the latter saying, “bail is denied due to offense being Criminal Homicide with possible life imprisonment sentence”.

News Talk 1037FM is currently assembling the details of the case against Wooters and Dickinson. Those details will be made available very soon, so check back for full updates to this story.

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