BREAKING: Kevin McCarthy fails to win Speaker of the House of Reps

UPDATE (5pm): A third round of voting for Speaker of the US House finishes and Leader Kevin McCarthy seems to have lost one vote. A fourth round of voting now looks to come with McCarthy losing Representative Byron Donalds of Florida, who switches his vote from McCarthy to Representative Jim Jordan. It should be noted that Jordan had nominated Leader McCarthy previously, and has continued to vote for McCarthy over himself.

Hakeem Jeffries of Brooklyn continues to garner all Dem support, amassing 212 votes for himself. That leaves the final count at Jeffries with 212, McCarthy at 202, and Jordan at 20.

UPDATE (3:15pm): In a second round of voting, Leader McCarthy again fails to secure enough votes for speakership. Again running against Hakeem Jeffries of New York, the Democratic nominee, no Dems broke with the party and continued to vote Jeffries. Representative Jim Jordan of Ohio, who had gotten one vote in the previous round of voting, received all 19 dissenting votes from Republicans. Jeffries received 212 votes, with McCarthy receiving 203.

The House now proceeds to a third round of voting, as no House business can proceed until a speaker has been elected.

03 January 2023- Kevin McCarthy will NOT be the Speaker of the House of Representatives after failing to receive 218 votes for his speakership bid. 19 House Republicans votes for other people, including Representative Andy Biggs, Representative Jim Jordan, and others.

In the first round, local Representative John Joyce voted for Kevin McCarthy. Scott Perry voted for Representative Andy Biggs of Arizona, and David Trone voted for Hakeem Jeffries of New York.