BREAKING: Former MD Governor Larry Hogan announces surprise bid for US Senate

09 February 2024- In a move that likely nixes his potential bid to become a No Labels Presidential nominee, former Maryland Governor Larry Hogan has announced that he will be running for US Senate to fill the seat of retiring Senator Ben Cardin.

Hogan, a former Republican governor in a deeply blue state, was the two term governor that made a focus of his campaigns and governance of being a moderate. He defeated now-Attorney General Anthony Brown and former NAACP and Sierra Club head Ben Jealous in his two gubernatorial races. Term limited, his hand-picked successor and then- Maryland Secretary of Commerce Kelly Schulz went on to lose the primary to become Republican nominee for Governor. Dan Cox, the winner of that primary, went on to lose to now-governor and Democrat Wes Moore.

Hogan begins his announcement video directly harking back to his father, former Congressman Larry Hogan Sr, who was the first Republican to publicly call for the impeachment of embattled President Richard Nixon.

“For eight years, we proved that the toxic politics that divide our nation need not divide our state,” Hogan says in his announcement. “We overcame unprecedented challenges, cut taxes eight years in a row, balanced the budget, and created a record surplus. And we did it all by finding common ground for the common good.”

Hogan was previously being courted as a potential nominee or at least someone deeply involved in the No Labels group. That group, lead by a wide range of moderate Democrats and Republicans, had consistently looked to retiring US Senator Joe Manchin, former Senator Joe Lieberman, and Hogan to be the face of the party/organization moving forward. That looks to be in jeopardy at least for now in light of Hogan’s announcement.

Larry Hogan’s full announcement can be found here on his X account.