BREAKING: Chad Reichard wins primary for PA 90, will likely replace retiring Rep Schemel

23 April 2024- For the first time since 2015, it looks like someone other than Paul Schemel will be representing the people of the 90th Legislative District in Franklin County. Chad Reichard, per unofficial data from the Franklin County Board of Elections, has won the district that includes Waynesboro, Greencastle, Mercersburg and Mont Alto boroughs and Washington, Quincy, Antrim, Peters, Montgomery and Warren townships.

Representative Schemel announced back in August of 2023 that he would not be seeking another term in office, term limiting himself to 10 years in Pennsylvania’s lower chamber. Schemel told News Talk 1037FM shortly after the announcement, “I wanted to make this announcement early. It’s kind of early, but when I ran the very first time, I didn’t know until January and you have to circulate petitions at the end of January and that just wasn’t really adequate time. You have to rush around to talk it through. Is this something you want to do with your family? So I want to make sure that anyone who might be interested in running for the position really has the time to weigh that, talk to their family, and be prepared.”

And that time has passed, leading to the campaigns of both Chad Reichard and Janon Gray.

In his time in Harrisburg, Schemel has authored numerous bills, sat on numerous committees, and has been a rock for southern Franklin County. He will remain in his roles until the beginning of the next term in Harrisburg, beginning January 2025. Currently, he is on the Environmental Resources and Energy Committee, Subcommittee on Parks and Forests, the Committee on Health and subcommittee on healthcare, and the Judiciary Committee, being in the subcommittee on Courts. All of the named subcommittees feature Schemel as the Republican Chair.

The Democratic Party did not run a candidate in today’s primary, meaning that someone could run as an Independent candidate but they would not be able to have a D attached to their name. Because of this, it remains extremely likely that Chad Reichard will be the next representative for District 90.

Reichard is currently the Planning and Zoning Officer for Washington Township and has served in multiple roles within Franklin County and Commonwealth politics, including for previous state senators.

After the votes were tallied, members of Franklin County’s delegation released the following statements congratulating both Reichard and Schemel.

Rep Rob Kaufman:

“Rep. Schemel has been a true statesman and a steadfast voice for the people of Franklin County. Chad Reichard will have some big shoes to fill. I look forward to working with Chad, and I am confident he will represent Franklin County with the same tenacity as Rep. Schemel.”

Rep Paul Schemel:

“The voters of Southern Franklin County had a choice between two strong candidates, both good and honorable men. Only one can win, and the voters chose Chad Reichard. Chad’s values reflect those of southern Franklin County, and he will represent us well in the General Assembly.

“Please join me in praying that Chad will have both wisdom and fortitude as he takes on this new role in 2025. All the best!”