BREAKING: 20 year old Shippensburg man charged with early morning shooting in Borough last week

18 December 2023- The only adult of a group of young people involved in a Shippensburg shooting last week has been denied bail following an extended investigation by Shippensburg PD and PSP Carlisle. Ashis Rai of Shippensburg is charged with felony attempted homicide, five felony counts of conspiracy to commit aggravated assault with extreme indifference, five felony counts of aggravated assault with extreme indifference, felony aggravated assault of a victim less than 13, felony aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, five felony counts of conspiracy to commit aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, felony firearm carried without a license, felony possession of a firearm with manufacturer number altered, felony discharge of a firearm into an occupied structure, felony receiving stolen property, and 23 misdemeanor charges. Rai was denied bail by MDJ Paul Fegley of Cumberland County.

Reports came into the Shippensburg PD around 5:20am on December 12th of multiple shots fired in the area later determined to be the 200 block of E King Street. SPD were able to find the home that was affected, with five total occupants telling police they were shot at but that nobody was struck. The five occupants counted four children between ages 11 and 17 and one adult.

After witness statements were collected, SPD accessed nearby security camera footage of the incident. In the video, two people were found to be in the area of the home when muzzle flashes could be seen coming from a firearm pointed at the home. The two subjects ran away, eventually being picked up by a dark-colored sedan on S Washington Street.

Back at the victims’ home, SPD were provided the names of two juveniles that the victims believed were involved in the shooting. Both of those boys were later found and determined to be 14 years old at the time of the incident.

Interviews continued, with them eventually leading to the naming of Ashis Rai being the driver of the sedan that picked the teenagers up. Rai was quickly apprehended and brought to Shippensburg PD for interviewing on December 15th.

Rai was interviewed and allegedly told police that in the early morning he was with three juveniles when he brought out a handgun, later determined to be a Taurus 9mm. Rai reportedly got the handgun from another person and put it in his car to be used later. Before the shooting, Rai allegedly showed the other juveniles how to cock the gun and shoot it.

Dropping the boys off a couple blocks away from the home, Rai told police he drove away to pick the boys up at the end of the street. The boys were quickly picked up by Rai after the shooting, police say, even though they wanted to pick the shell casings up to avoid police detection. SPD were already on scene at that point, but police say Rai described the two boys who shot the gun as “laughing about what they did”.

Continuing, police say Rai told them one of the juveniles made “some additional comments saying ‘I’m going to shoot him’, ‘I’m going to kill him’,” and “I know where he sleeps”. The firearm, police say, was determined to have been stolen from a development in Shippensburg and Rai reportedly told them that he had tried to scratch the serial numbers off it. The gun’s full magazine was allegedly fired during the incident. After the interview, police executed a search warrant for the stolen gun and retrieved it, leaving it now in the care of PSP Carlisle.

It remains unclear in initial court filings if the juveniles that fired the gun specifically fired at the house in the incident or if it was chosen at random. Additionally, repercussions for the juveniles involved, two of which SPD say were 14 at the time of the incident, remain unclear.

Ashis Rai is behind bars in Cumberland County after being denied bail. His preliminary hearing is set for December 20th.

Sources: Docket Number: MJ-09301-CR-0000414-2023, Incident No.: SP-2023-8344