Brakes on 676…for now. Is Your Neighborhood Next?

GREENE TWP – Stop 676! -the effort by citizens of Greene and Guilford Townships to stop a high density apartment complex from being built on prime farmland between two single family home neighborhoods off of Ragged Edge Road, was supported by a vote taken at the The Greene Township Planning Commission last night. They unanimously voted to recommend against a proposed massive apartment complex to be built on property zoned R1, low density residential, between the North Guilford and Summer Breeze neighborhoods off of Ragged Edge Road. 

Over 100 residents were in attendance at the meeting, relocated to the Fayetteville Volunteer Fire Department Social Hall to accommodate the larger crowd, to hear the discussion.

The developer Metropolitan 4 LLC did not even bother to show up and did not update the original plan submitted, which the township engineer and consultant noted was deficient in at least 16 areas to meet the current ordinance conditional use application and land use requirements.

The Planning Committee also voted to remove apartment housing along with townhouses and mobile homes from conditional use in R1 zones in Greene Township moving forward, as zoning in the township has evolved from the 1970’s when this ordinance was last addressed, to now include other zoned areas where such housing is possible and far more appropriate.

Bill Cluck, an environmental, energy and land use attorney out of Harrisburg, hired by a subset of the citizens to challenge the project, stated that the proposal does not meet even the most basic requirements necessary for approval.

The Township Supervisors meeting to discuss and vote on the approval of the proposed development plan is scheduled for Wednesday March 22nd at 7pm, again at the Fayetteville Volunteer Fire Department Social Hall in anticipation of yet again a large public audience.

The vote to possibly change the current Greene Township R1 Zoning Ordinance will be considered at the regular Township Supervisors Meeting March 28th at the normal location, 1145 Garver Lane, Chambersburg, at 12 noon.