Brace for potential flooding and heavy rains this weekend as a tropical storm makes landfall

22 September 2023- Locally strong storms a flash flooding might be in the cards this weekend as a series of National Weather Service Stations in Baltimore, Maryland and State College, Pennsylvania continue to track a tropical storm coming from the Atlantic Coast. The storm has not been officially named other than being identified as “Potential Tropical Cyclone 16”.

According to the Washington County Office of Emergency Management, the storm is a low-pressure system in the Atlantic that has strengthened into a tropical storm. The storm’s path has shifted inland, impacting our region.

Heavy rain is expected to late Friday night, continuing all day and night with 1-2″ of rainfall (locally higher amounts possible). The area around Hagerstown looks to get around 1.75″ of precipitation on Saturday alone, with areas north into Chambersburg and Carlisle getting similar amounts. More heavy rain is expected on Sunday, totaling around 0.5″.

The National Weather Service and Office of Emergency Management says that wind speeds could be expected between 20-25 mph, gusting up to 30-35 mph. They do anticipate downed power lines and trees due to the combination of rain and strong winds. Please exercise caution around them and treat them as live hazards.