Borough council will accept donations from Rotary and adjust capacity rules tonight

May 17 – The Chambersburg Borough Council meets tonight at 7 p.m. in Council Chambers on South Second Street and will be looking at donations and adjusting capacity.

Council Member Allen Coffman joined Pat Ryan and Michele Jansen on First News this morning to give a preview of the meeting.

Borough council will give authorization to accept a donation from the Rotary Club of Chambersburg that includes two benches, trash receptacle and two flower planters to be placed on East Burkhart Avenue between South Main Street and Central Avenue.

One of which will be directly across from the radio station.

Ryan warned council that at least once a month, he sees drivers make a left turn down that road. He suggested putting a post at the end of it to discourage that.

Council will also authorize the borough manager to adjust indoor and outdoor capacity rules in borough buildings in light of Governor Wolf’s COVID mitigation order on May 31.

Jansen said, “What’s hilarious about that is how he (Wolf) refuses to move that to the other side of the weekend so that restaurants can benefit. We have a number of Senators and House members who have spoken up to try and get him to move on that. There’s no scientific reason to have that at the end of Memorial Day weekend rather than starting Friday evening.”

Ryan said, “No, it’s arrogance and it’s his kingship and it’s power and he’s pathetic by not putting that at the beginning of the weekend and shame on this governor and shame on anybody that voted for the king at this point. Make sure you send a message tomorrow on primary day. Yes and yes on numbers one and two on this ballot initiative so that the power goes back to the lawmakers that you put there in the first place.”

Jansen said, “It doesn’t stop the governor from having powers in an emergency. It’s just putting some check and balance. If something really horrendous is going on, of course the legislature is going to be giving the right amounts of power back and saying yes, go ahead and extend it.”

Coffman, speaking as the President of the Franklin County Republican Committee said, “It’d be nice if our legislature could talk to the governor, but it seems like the governor doesn’t spend much time in his office. There is no dialogue between them. How would they ever get this fixed? Other than do it by the way we’re going to do it on Election Day tomorrow.”

If for no other reason than to have your voice heard on these important ballot initiatives, please get out tomorrow and vote.