Biden’s State of the Union address will be this evening

March 7 – President Joe Biden will address the country in a State of the Union speech tonight at 9pm 

A number of people are speculating what the topics could be. 

Pat Ryan of NewsTalk 103.7FM pointed out, “I heard earlier today, the preemptive strike even before the Republicans have their ‘this is what we just thought of the State of the Union,’ it sounds like they’ve already rolled out some audio going you’re going to hear the president tout all of these things. We’re just a pack of disappointment over the last couple of years whether it’s the southern border or whether it’s on the world stage, the United States, then wait, shrinkflation, greedlfation, inflation is going here. I’ve heard some audio of a lawmaker out of DC already saying ‘you know what the truth is’, and you’re going to hear fiction later on tonight.”

Attorney Clint Barkdoll suggested, “They know that the president is going to beat up Congress for all the reasons you just said and probably this afternoon, aspects of the speech will start to leak out.”

Leaks from this morning report there will be a plan for expanding the child tax credits.

Barkdoll said, “I’m eager to see if he makes any announcements related to the southern border and security and immigration? Might he even do an executive order? We know over the years now the ratings for this event keep going down. TV ratings, they keep going down. It’s been disappointing to me this week just how low key Biden is keeping his profile. We talked about the missed opportunity he had at the Super Bowl, the biggest TV audience in the world. He didn’t come out.”

Analysts are also pointing out that Biden didn’t make an appearance on Super Tuesday, either. 

Barkdoll said, “This would have been very good, free, big PR and a lot of the insiders if you will, they’re speculating that his handlers need to make sure he’s well rested. They don’t want him having an active schedule. They’re keeping him at just a very low key all week so that he has adequate energy tonight to deliver this speech. When I see that stuff, I think what a poor reflection, if that’s the way he’s operating, day after day, so we’ll see. I mean, do we get an hour and a half stem-winder tonight? Will it be gaff free? I’m sure that his handlers collectively hold their breath when he comes out and does a high profile event like this.”

Ryan added, “You’ve got to wonder about the Vegas line on this one. Will he fall? Or will he stumble? If you do have a pause, how long will that take? But his party will cover for him. They’ll get on their feet, the usual things that will go on with this dance. And how they can say the union is strong. What’s the usual remark here?” 

Barkdoll confirmed, “That is typically the opening salvo, ladies and gentlemen, I’m here tonight to tell you the state of our union is strong. Then there’s just all that applause and then throughout the speech half the chamber will get up and clap, half the chamber will sit on their hands or even boo like they did last year. Going back the last 10 years, not a whole lot comes out of these speeches. He might unveil some new policy agenda items, but not much else will come out of this.”

Ryan said, “Frankly, I don’t know how they can say the state of the union is strong. That is just remarkable how you can roll that out looking at the southern border or looking at the last couple of years where we stand on finances for the country.”