Biden’s COVID relief bill has huge price tag

March 2 – The almost $2 trillion COVID relief bill that passed the House of Representatives and will move to the Senate could have serious implications for future generations.

Congressman John Joyce spoke directly with you earlier today exclusively on 103.7FM radio with Pat Ryan and Michele Jansen. “COVID relief should be targeted to getting Americans safely back to work, getting our kids and teachers safely back into the classroom and it should be directed at getting vaccines into the arms,” Joyce said. “But what are the Democrats and Biden doing? They’re trying to capitalize on a pandemic to score points with the previously known as Democrats who have turned into Socialists.”

Only a small percentage of the bill is actually going to relief projects. 

“It’s a bailout,” Joyce said. “It’s a financial bailout for poorly managed states and it’s a vehicle for their radical priorities. Pelosi’s priorities in this legislation include funding for Planned Parenthood and job-killing climate policies.”

The vote in the House happened at 2 a.m. on Saturday morning.

“I want to make it clear I voted against this bill and I urged all of my colleagues in the Senate to reject it as well,” Joyce said. “We need to be focused on getting our economy moving again, getting all of our kids back into the classroom and increasing the vaccine distribution in Pennsylvania and throughout the country. This COVID package greatly misses the mark and the cost of it is staggering.”

“There’s no way our children and grandchildren and great grandchildren won’t be negatively affected by all this debt,” Jansen pointed out. “And we’re horrified at what this might do to inflation and other things shortly down the road.”