Biden’s CDC may have kept kids out of school because of pressure from one of the largest teachers’ unions

May 3 – Emails uncovered by the New York Post discovered back-and-forth conversations between the president of the American Federation of Teachers and the new Centers for Disease Control director that may have influenced the guidelines for keeping the country’s schools closed.

Indeed, some schools in the nation are still in virtual classrooms.

The emails in question happened before the CDC guidelines were released and the suggestions offered by the AFT were adopted nearly verbatim in the final text of the CDC document.

Apparently Randi Winegarden (president of the AFT) and Dr. Rochelle Walensky (CDC director) had telephone conversations as well.

Attorney Clint Barkdoll, Pat Ryan and Michele Jansen discussed the issue today on First News.

“It’s just preposterous that the AFT in the sense that they didn’t want their members to return to in-class learning lobbied a government agency to put the brakes on these guidelines to say it’s safe to come back to schools,” Barkdoll said. “It’s really outrageous and I hope the Department of Justice or some other agency looks into this.”

Jansen pointed out, “The mainstream media, the leftist corporate media and the search engines, you’re not going to hear much about this. If this was reversed, if it was something they didn’t like, they’d be calling for the resignation of the CDC director.”

Barkdoll added, “Walensky, she seems to be the one that’s tied in to some of these emails and we know she’s been the main spokesperson that you see on TV throughout the last few months on all of these things. Little did we realize the AFT may be in her ear influencing how these announcements and decisions are being made.”

Jansen said, “There’s no doubt that there’s this collusion between one of the Democrats main funders and these guidelines. Who does keeping the schools closed benefit? The unions and the teachers. Because the unions can use it as negotiating tools then to get more of that stimulus money directed toward the schools and ultimately, then the unions.”

Ryan noted, “You know nothing will become of this. They’ll bury this. Nobody will be held accountable and who gets the screw at the end? The kids.”

Barkdoll agreed, “Ultimately it’s these kids and their families that have suffered by virtue of having to stay virtual. When they suffer…we all suffer because none of that is good for our society.”