Biden impeachment inquiry passed on party lines in the House

December 14 – The United States House of Representatives yesterday voted to begin an impeachment inquiry into President Joe Biden’s involvement in business dealings involving his family. 

The vote passed 221 to 212 in the House. 

This is on the heels of the president’s son, Hunter, being indicted on federal gun and tax charges.  

Attorney Clint Barkdoll said, “Look, as I’ve said over the years, if nothing else, I’m consistent. I didn’t like this when the Democrats did it twice to Donald Trump and I don’t like it that the Republicans are now going to Biden in the context this will amount to nothing. I mean, mark the tape. Absolutely nothing will come out of this. We will waste a ton of time and a lot of our money chasing this around just like the Democrats timed this politically, the Republicans are doing the same thing. They want to bring this to a crescendo during next year’s election.”

The bottom line is there are not enough votes in the US Senate to officially remove Biden. 

Barkdoll said, “You saw these press conferences last night with Jim Jordan and Marjorie Taylor Greene and they’re just giddy over all of this. I think they’re actually looking silly. I mean, Hunter Biden did show up yesterday. He said he would only testify in public. The Republicans are pushing back on that. Ironically, this is the exact dynamic that the Democrats did against the Republicans during Trump’s impeachment. Remember that one hearing the Republicans actually stormed the private meeting. They said how outrageous this was that investigations would be done in private. Now it’s turned on at the other table. The Republicans don’t want any public hearings on it. So there’s going to be a lot of shows on both sides in the next few months. They keep saying well, we want to get stuff on the record. Nothing will come out of this. There’s one other point I’ll say on this. Go back the last 30 years when these impeachments have happened. Bill Clinton and twice with Donald Trump, those three occasions the president benefited tremendously from a political standpoint. My caution to the House Republicans would be to look at history. Don’t overplay your hand, because we see these things backfire time after time.”

Michele Jansen of NewsTalk 103.7FM pointed out, “But I would push back in the sense that this is not the era of Bill Clinton in terms of news media or social media, or the way people get their news. One way that I do say I see value in this is that when they did this to Donald Trump, they had all the media backing it up, drumming at home, and we all knew that a lot of the things they were basing it on didn’t seem to be that legitimate. Now you have what seems to be a more legitimate reason to look at Biden and his family with this money and shell corporations and potential influence. Number two, half the country doesn’t know these things about Biden and his family. They have the media for the most part, justifying and defending Joe Biden and his family, not going after them the way the media went after Trump and his family at the time. So I would say it’s an inquiry. It’s not an impeachment, maybe hopefully, they know where to temper it and maybe hold it back. I don’t understand the private hearings either. But this is really the only way that half the country is even hearing about some of this stuff. So I think for that reason, it’s not terrible.”

Barkdoll said, “It’s a fair point and look, nothing I’m saying, it doesn’t say that the Bidens could be as corrupt as anyone. There may be very legitimate grounds to go after them. But I’m just saying purely from a political standpoint, I don’t see this going anywhere. Hunter Biden, I found that interesting yesterday, when he went into the Capitol, he did that brief press conference outside. If you think about it, we never really see or hear from him. There’s this caricature image of him with a crack pipe and a hooker and a gun and then you see him yesterday, in a suit, very well spoken, he’s outlining his problems with addiction and things with his dad. As I watched that, I’m thinking, I don’t know, if I’m the Republican House, I’d be careful what I wish for here. I mean, this guy may not be as out of it as we’ve been led to believe. If the half of the people that don’t want to hear anything bad about Joe Biden, will they be open to changing their mind when they see evidence that comes out that would show the corruption and all these nefarious things that the family has been engaged in? I’m just not too sure”