Beware of potential scam

WAYNE HEIGHTS–The Washington Township Police Department is warning residents of a potential scam.

WTPD has received multiple calls regarding the station’s phone number being “spoofed.” According to police, the caller claims to be from the WTPD and tells the victim that their social security number has been compromised.

“Washington Township Police Department is not attempting to contact you regarding your social security number,” said Police Chief Michael McGovern. “Do not give the caller any information.”

Instead, WTPD advises victims to hang up the phone and call the station at 717-762-1447 or the dispatch center at 717-762-1145 to speak with an officer.

If you are ever in doubt about the legitimacy of a call, even if it is not from Washington Township Police, please don’t hesitate to contact our station or dispatch and run it by an officer to see if it is a scam,” McGovern said. “We do not want anyone to become a victim of fraud.”