Beware of phone scams targeting the elderly this holiday season

21 November 2023- Not only are online email scams, crypto scams, and normal donation scams more prevalent this time of year, but Pennsylvania State Police are also warning of phone scams. Those that are most affected tend, crucially, to be elderly.

PSP-Chambersburg Troopers say they were recently dispatched to a home on Burns Valley Road, Fannett Township, for a theft by deception. The victim, a 92 year old Doylesburg, PA man, was reportedly scammed out of $3500 through “phone scams”. It remains unclear if this was a single incident, but based of PSP’s release this may have happened multiple times.

While PSP-Chambersburg say they are still investigating the incident, it remains much easier to nip the problem in the bud and not become a victim of the scams. Never give out information, banking or otherwise, over the phone. Additionally, never agree to send money through gift cards, money order, or cryptocurrency (like bitcoin). Contact relevant authorities, be it State Police, Borough, or Township PD, if you or someone you know are a victim of one of these scams.