Bedford couple charged with hundreds of animal cruelty counts after 99 neglected and tortured animals found on property

01 March 2024- The Bedford County District Attorney, Ashlan Clark, has announced that Nyal and Renee Piper have been charged with the torture and neglect of 99 animals that were found at their residence in Bedford Township on New Year’s Eve.

The 99 felony charges of aggravated cruelty to animals account for the 99 animals that included 90 dogs, 8 cats, and one turtle. An additional 8 felony charges were added due to the discovery of three deceased animals located in the residence, four dogs who were euthanized by the veterinarian on scene due to their condition, and one dog who was euthanized at the Bedford County Humane Society due to its condition. The pair also face 297 misdemeanor and 81 summary charges for their actions.

“The atrocious and seemingly intentional mistreatment of these animals is difficult to grasp,” said District Attorney Clark. “We cannot erase the torture and neglect that these animals endured, but we can work to bring them the justice they deserve.”

The Bedford County Human Society, Abby’s Angels, and several other organizations came together to provide immediate and critical veterinary care and support for these animals.

“Animal cruelty is a crime of violence against extremely vulnerable victims,” stated Clark. “Investigations like these can take time. There is a lot of information that needs to be collected and reviewed for the most appropriate charges to be filed. The State Police completed a thorough investigation into this matter to ensure an efficient and successful prosecution.”

The defendants were arraigned before Magisterial District Judge Kevin Diehl. Bail was set for each defendant at $1 Million straight with additional non-monetary conditions that prohibit, among other things, the possession or ownership of any animals and require permission for unannounced inspections to ensure compliance. A preliminary hearing has been set for March 13, 2024 and 9am.