Be very careful with what you believe in polling numbers

December 4 – According to some polls, it looks like President Joe Biden is in trouble. 

Apparently, the numbers aren’t good. 

There is allegedly a group of Muslim leaders in Pennsylvania, Georgia, Florida, Nevada and other states who are starting a campaign to abandon Biden and not back him because of his handling of the Israeli/Hamas situation.

But the ultimate question – is it true? 

Pat Ryan of NewsTalk 103.7FM cautioned, “Listen, believe none of that. This guy, as much as he is checked out and he’s nowhere participating in a platform of cohesiveness or being coherent, between the mail-in voting and between how much shade the mainstream media is going to give him, none of this is the truth. Think of him as 10 points ahead, and he’s going to be your next president in 2024. I believe absolutely zero when it comes to the mainstream media, saying that Biden’s in trouble. He’s not in trouble.”

Attorney Clint Barkdoll said, “I agree from a polling standpoint. These are snapshots in time. We know these last few cycles, there are a lot of voters that aren’t getting captured or picked up in these polls. People should just assume he’s running. He very well has the incumbency advantage. He’s ahead and everyone needs to approach it that way, going into next year’s election season.”

A GOP debate for the presidential run in 2024 will be held on Wednesday in Alabama. 

Barkdoll suggested, “I still think that there is a very real scenario here that Biden, he’s going to run unopposed through the primary and then next summer at the convention, does something occur that he steps off the stage and lets the delegates pick someone else? I may be wrong, but the more you watch him, I just can’t imagine how this guy runs, let alone runs to serve another four years in office. I don’t know if there’s powers that be and party people next summer that persuade him to just say thanks for the nomination, but now I’m going to let the delegates choose. Because, again, getting back to the polling, there’s these scenarios on both sides that almost any other Democrat than Biden would be running away with this race. The flipside is true with Trump, almost any other Republican running against Biden would be running away with the race. So it’s this really strange scenario we’re getting into, and we’re only about five to six weeks away from those Iowa caucuses.”

Michele Jansen of NewsTalk 103.7FM added, “The other thing people need to understand, young people turning away from Biden bringing his poll numbers down over the whole support of Israel issue, it’s not like they’re going to be voting for the Republican. Now, some might say, well, but doesn’t that mean it’s going to cut down on the numbers and put Biden at risk? Well, possibly but you see the abortion issue being ramped up by Democrats. Even in Pennsylvania, this website that the Shapiro Administration, has set up to send anonymous complaints about crisis pregnancy centers, when you read that website, and when you read what they’re doing, I’m seeing this all across the board, the Biden ministration is doing the same thing. The way they’re turning these crisis pregnancy centers into some kind of monster, the preying on women. I had to laugh when I saw in the government one, which I’m sure the Shapiro administration’s doing the same thing, where they say these terrible centers emotionally manipulate women with ultrasounds. Uh, I’m sorry. Ultrasounds are something that gives women an informed choice, but they’re trying to scare, they’re making this the boogeyman. They obviously know this is a huge wedge issue for all the future elections and especially the presidential one, and they’re ramping that up. So don’t think that those young people who are more easily manipulated than any other set of voters won’t be pulled back in by an issue such as abortion.”

Barkdoll agreed. “We know people have short memories too and this situation with Israel and Palestine and Gaza, who knows where that would be by next fall? Here’s the interesting thread to watch on the point you just made. There is a lot more reporting right now than in states like Florida, Arizona, some other key swing states, Democrats at the state general assembly level, they are trying to get abortion on the ballots next fall for a referendum.”

Why would they make that effort? 

Barkdoll explained, “They’ve seen all of these other states where this has happened. It is a huge boost to turnout. They also know that it works very much in favor of Democrats. I’ve even heard this chatter in Pennsylvania. Remember, I think it was our own Senator Judy Ward, right after Dobbs, she came out with that proposed constitutional amendment related to abortion and now you notice no one talks about that in Harrisburg, but I think Democrats in the House would love to get that on a ballot for a constitutional amendment because they see the political advantage when it comes to turnout, particularly like you’re saying with that younger voting block.”